Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bloody Bootcamp

Happy hump day.

It has been a busy week so far! I have spent a lot of time outside with the kids soaking up the last of this beautiful fall! Utah is absolutely beautiful this season. It would be my favorite if it wasn’t so dang short.

Enjoy it while we can I guess!


We went and picked out pumpkins on Monday night. It lasted about 10  minutes. It was pretty chilly and was raining a bit.

I haven’t posted a workout for you guys for a while! I teach a bootcamp class every Monday so I will start posting the workout I throw at them with all of you!

I had a little to much fun with all the Halloween additions on picmonkey Winking smile


This workout kicked butt. I was actually surprised they survived.

Okay, that is a lie, that group is freaking fit! They probably could of done it again. LOL.

The second part of the workout is a GPP workout that I did that same day called “3 bars of death.”

Here is a workout breakdown for those who may not know the lingo.

AMRAP= As Many Rounds As Possible—Go as fast as safely possible.

The little numbers on the left side of the movement are the recommended weight. If you are new to working out or GPP inspired workouts, do NOT use that weight, go lighter until your body is conditioned for these kind of workouts.

Most of the movements you can youtube them like a boss, if you don’t know how to perform each one.

Bar-hop burpees- Leave your bar on the floor, do a burpee parallel with the bar, then hop over the bar and repeat.

What makes the best boot camp class?

What do you look for at a gym that you want to workout at?