Friday, October 4, 2013

GPP Fitness OHC Challenge


Hey peeps! The weekend is finally here!!!

I have something fun for you all.

It is that time of year where we head into the holidays. which means the treats are out, hectic schedules, cool weather and comfort food.

At GPP we hold a yearly challenge to keep us on top of our game.

I want to extend this challenge to my readers,I want you to feel and look your best this holiday season. I invite you to be part of the GPP community, be accountable and succeed with your goals!




{From the GPP website}

This “Skin in the Game” challenge require you to declare goals that you believe will lead you to better health, then make a contract with yourself (through us) that you'll accomplish these goals.  You put teeth into this contract by sending (dropping off) a $50 (or more, or less) check made out to GPP.  You have an allotted time to accomplish this goal (until Wednesday, November 27).  If you accomplish your goals, you get your check back.  If you do not accomplish them, you'll donate it to charity.  GPP HQ proceeds (if any) will be donated to the Bountiful Food Pantry.

We generally prefer positive incentives for becoming healthy, but sometimes these types of challenges are appropriate and fun. 

How it works.

1). There is a buy-in.  It's $25.  Sign up and declare goals with your local affiliate.  Start date is Oct 7.      

2).  Put your "Skin in the Game." You'll need to make this sting a little.  We've learned that in a moment of extreme craving, people will pay $50 for a piece of pie.  If you know you could be one of those people, we suggest you make you put in an amount (you'll get it back, right?) you aren't as likely to walk away from in a moment of weakness.  

3).  We suggest you make 3 quantifiable healthy goals.  You may make more, or less if you like.  For Optimal Health a goal should be made in each of the following categories. 


a) Physical - (weight loss, workout compliance, 10 pullups, etc.),

b) Nutritional - (Comply with BCD, No sugar, etc.),

c) Lifestyle - (take my family on a hike, do a good turn daily, etc.).

4).  Goals are to be put in writing. It is a contract.  We prefer you to state goals via comments.  However, you may also send your goals to our inbox {Or to me}  Be sure to acquire baseline measurements (we can help) if applicable.    

5).  You may pay a penance for certain types mess ups.  On goals of a consecutive nature (i.e. "I will not eat sugar," "I will workout 5x/wk," "I will do a good turn daily.") you may buy your way back into the challenge for slip-ups.  Cost per slip up: 

a). $2, or
b). 2 cans of food

Your local GPP affiliate will have banks/bins for collections (if any).  Please note: you may NOT buy your way out of failed goals of a one-time nature.  In other words, if you say, "I will lose 10 lbs."  And you only lose 9 1/2, honesty dictates that charity receives your entire donation.    

6). The rules above are to be strictly enforced by honor. 

Here is the info. at you again, from our meeting last night and some nitty gritty details.


I have had such great success in this challenge before that I want all of you to join in on the fun!

To enter in the competition:

Click here to put your “Skin in the Game” 

Comment in this post!! You can tell me your goals or just simply tell me you are in! I will be sending those that enter healthy recipes, motivational quotes, diet support etc.

The deal is, if you complete all your goals, you get your money back. If you don’t, it will be donated to charity.

THE BUY-IN is $25 then, however much “SKIN” you want to put in! Whatever “SKIN” You put in, you will get back if you complete all 3 goals! I suggest at least $50. To some that might be chump change so make it more! It has to HURT if you lose it, so you have an incentive to stick to your goals!

The challenge ends ON THANKSGIVING!!

Easy as that!

WHO’s in!!?

What are your GOALS?