Monday, October 28, 2013

Never Give Kids the Bag + Two Workouts


These two make the start of everyday pretty amazing. Every day before we head to school they both always ask for their sunglasses.


I took them to school and headed to GPP for this workout then off to Gold’s to teach Boot camp. I put them through a fun tabata workout.


While everyone was out running I was bored so took a super fantastic selfie for your entertainment.


After the tabata workout, they had some extra time for some AB work, so I put them through a version of this workout at them.


They are a tough group. LOVE this class!

Picked the kids up from preschool and while I was making lunch I just gave them the bag of goldfish (Costco size) to them to snack on.They LOVE goldfish! It is their favorite snack, right next to “Green Berries” also known as grapes..

But one thing is for sure.. Never give the kids an entire bag..


Never do that.

Twins+Goldfish equal DISASTER…

I posted a video of them telling me all about it.

Same thing tends to happen with play-doh.


But Tanner is getting pretty creative with it! Love his little pumpkins!

On my way back to the gym tonight I spotted a rainbow! This picture doesn’t do it justice but it was pretty cool. I still believe in leprechauns. Winking smile


After coaching the night class I created a workout I wanted to test out. It is a quick one but got a good sweat going!


What was your workout today?

What is your favorite snack?