Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not Lulu Lemon.


First Off, I want to say Congrats to all my readers, and other bloggers who participated  in the Runners World Series and the Nike San Fran Half and earned their Tiffany’s Necklace!

This morning I started off with a run. Sunday Rundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. I sleep in a little, then wake up and do whatever. I’m not expected to be anywhere at a certain time and it’s fantastic.


I’m still loving my Mizuno Waveriders but I think I might be missing my brooks.. I lost two toenails after the huntsville marathon. Last year, I wore my Brooks for Big Cottonwood and didn’t lose any. I think the Brooks have a wider toe box so I have a little extra room compared to the Mizunos. 

Side note: (I always buy my running shoes a half size bigger.)

It was chilly this morning but I was prepared.

This is my “I’m really going to run in the cold” face.


I wore my lulu head banger, swiftly tee and big shocker..

My pants are not lulu!

I needed some thicker leggings for RRR and just flew into TJMaxx and found these! They are by HIND. They are perfect for chilly outdoor running. I loved them!


After my run, church, then lunch. We got our family pictures taken… If there is one thing I dread it is family pictures. For some reason, as soon as we try to do something important,chaos breaks.

Five minutes into today’s pictures resulted in Tanner getting bloody nose, which resulted with blood on my shirt and smashed blueberries all over Baylees face and hands. Buuuuut, in the end I think we got some good ones! Our photographer is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see them!

My sister’s birthday was on Monday, but we celebrated with the fam today!


I know you want a close up on that cake!


Triple Layer Red Velvet. My step-mom can whip up a pretty amazing dessert on a whim.

Happy Birthday Sis! Love ya!


What is your favorite running shoe and why?

What is your favorite dessert?