Friday, October 25, 2013

Off the Camera Roll


The past two days have been a little cray around here, so I just wanted to pop in so you all know I’m still alive and kickin’ with a  random post that will have more tangents,run-off sentences and terrible grammar then a you will know what to do with.

here we go.

So my breakfast looks delicious. I know.


What kind of food blogger am I?

I love coconut in my oatmeal but I was out of shredded coconut but found some coconut extract and it was fantastic! It tasted like Raspberry Coconut cake. Totally a legit dessert.

Yesterday, the GPP workout kicked my trash. I LOVED it though! It is the workout I usually do when I’m out of town.

You can do it HERE.


400 side ups with 15 pounds was legit. I’m feeling it today for sure!

This was my view for a few hours today.


I LOVE my job.

I saw some zombies walking down the street today. NBD.


One of them is carrying a huge thing of bloody glass. I think I have been watching to much Walking Dead. That freaked me out.

I went to the gym tonight for a little bit of cardio. I just did 10 minutes on the stair climber and 22 minutes of sprints.


When the gym says they close at 9pm. They mean, all lights and power will turn off at 9 pm, so get out.

I set up the twins “big kid” beds. By set up, I mean I hauled two mattresses, and two box springs up two sets of stairs. We still need to get their bed frames set up, but I couldn’t wait. I was so excited for them to just sleep in their big kid beds!


Tanner wasn’t to sure about it yet.. honestly.. I wasn’t either… taking their cribs down means they really aren’t babies anymore…Sad smile

This  happen to anyone else on a daily basis.


That is about as random as it gets around here on a Friday night!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I’ll pop in tomorrow!

What are you being for Halloween?

Do you ever have to pee as soon as you get comfortable in bed?