Thursday, October 10, 2013

RED ROCK & My Little Human Horse

Tomorrow night I head up to Park City to help with registration for Red Rock Relay!!


Red Rock is my favorite relay. I was stoked when they announced a one-day relay in PARK CITY! This course is going to be beautiful! The leaves are changing and the fall weather is my favorite to run in!

I can’t wait to get up their with all my “dolls”!

We are also running on Saturday! The one day relays are awesome! You run morning till about dusk, then get to sleep in your own bed at night! Smile

The last two days have been a whirl wind!

I have had the same dinner all week… Creative cat I am..


Mahi Mahi, butternut squash, and asparagus!

I am loving butternut squash right now! Costco makes it so convienent, I can’t resist the pre-cut squash!

My OHC goals have been on point! I have come up with lots of fun activities to do with T & B and it has been so fun!

Stickers, play-doh, monster making, hiking hours of hide-n-seek, puzzles, flashcards and of course play time at the park!

It has been so nice to just unplug for a few hours in the middle of the day and play!

AW. Life.

It rained all day today and they both really wanted to go to the equestrian center but the rained crushed that plan, so bee decided she could ride a horse anyway..


Yes, that would be my first-born.

Tanner would even neigh. It was pretty darn cute.Horses are my kids favorite animals! They absolutely love them! Their pre-school teacher/daycare has some and they have farm day a few times a year and I think they talk about it for weeks afterwards.

Normal kids ask for a dog. Mine BEG for a horse.  Go figure. Winking smile


Have you run a relay? Does your team dress up?

Do you have a fave?

What is your favorite animal?