Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This one time…


My alarm went off at 4:15 and I took a selfie to prove it…


You don’t want to see what I look like that early in the morning anyway…

I headed to work this morning then out to Salt Lake to coach at “The Gym” in City Creek!

After work I decided to make some chia jam.

Want to know a secret? {Not really.. I totally posted it on IG today.}


I don’t measure anything.

I popped some frozen berries in a microwave for a few then added a butt load of chia seeds.

Word on the street they are packed with omega-3 which help reduce inflammation, chalk full of fiber, help with digestion, have antioxidants and minerals. Oh, according to “Born to Run” they will help me run super fast. Winking smile

The key to making the Jam is to not add anything to the frozen berries.

If you like runny jam, add less chia, if you like it thick, add more. –Rocket Science.





Bee was completely content with her cereal this morning and could not be bothered for a picture.


I got T and B off to preschool and went and did the GPP workout.


Source –> manimal demo there!

A manimal is done with a #25 plate. You put your chest on the plate,push up, (burpee) pick the plate up and loft it over your head, do two lunges, drop the plate in front of you and jump over it. –>That is one!

The workout had a run in it and it was my first time running since the marathon on Saturday.

Lets just say. Marathon + Specter + Runimals in the span of 4 days is legit.

I’m planning on a trail run tomorrow! The color fall leaves in the canyon are calling to me and I need to go, because in Utah, fall doesn’t last very long…

Time to live in the moment!


Not this moment… this was horrible.


I spent most of the afternoon tackling that pile…

My favorite protein as of late.


I have the vanilla and chocolate! Both are freaking fantastic.


I make shakes out of them and or just mix them with almond milk in the morning on my way out the door. I have even mixed/shaken it with H20 and didn’t mind it. It blends so easy!


If you are in search of a new protein give this one a go. You can thank me later.

What is your favorite Protein?

What time is your alarm set in the mornings?

List in order your from your least favorite- Laundry-Dishes, Bathrooms…