Monday, October 21, 2013

What’s Coming Next.


First the big news of the day, A new GPP fitness opened up in Clearfield, Utah. So if there are any readers over yonder, I think it is in your best interest you give your fitness a try there.


I had one of those days that when you sit down at the computer to blog you realize you hardly took any pictures today.


I coached, did half of this workout, taught a boot camp class, grocery shopped, kids dance class, laundry, then taught body attack, back to GPP to coach the night class and hung around for a meeting after for the OHC challenge.

Here is the awesome ONE picture I took today.


I had Golds make me a shake on my way out the door from Body Attack, I had brought a baggie with some protein powder, spinach, chia seeds and frozen strawberries from my house for me to inhale on the the way to coach GPP.

It made more then what would fit in one cup, so the cool chick gave me another cup full. Winking smile 


Sweet! Two pics! I’m getting really good at the blog thing.

Now that Red Rock is over I don’t have any races coming up! Something is wrong with that…

I still have plantar fasciitis and have been taking my runs pretty short and easy lately. I’ll give it a few weeks before I start really running on it and think some fun holiday runs might be fun!

If my foot heals quick I really want to run the Provo Halloween Half! I know this girl is in! What could be more fun then running a half in costume anyway?


I also want to do the SANTA RUN. Brent and I did it a few years ago and had so much fun! Our dog even ran it then, (not sure if they still allow that.) Also, they have milk and cookies at the aid station with Hot chocolate, donuts and a Santa at the end.



Do you enjoy Holiday Runs?

What do you enjoy about the gym you go too?