Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zaycon Foods


Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in really quick to tell you all about how I bought chicken today.

It is kind of a big deal.

Around here anyway.. We love chicken.

Zaycon foods is on online store where you can order your meat in BULK, and save millions.

Okay, not millions, but cheaper then it would cost anywhere else!


You simply go to their website and place and pay for your order. On a specified date and time in your area, you simply drive up and they even put it in your car for you!

It couldn’t be any easier.



I ordered one case of chicken – Which is about 40lbs. It was $75.00.

The meat is delivered fresh. Antibiotic, hormone, and preservative free!

It came in a large cardboard box, the chicken is wrapped inside of it (not individually) in blue plastic wrap. I separated the chicken into 4-5 breasts before freezing.


They have several locations located across the US. Find one near you from the Zaycon Food Website!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or given free product to write this review. I purchased my first order and honestly can’t wait to try it!