Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Dilemma.

Happy Monday! I hope every body had a great start to the week!

I was up and out the door for work and wasn’t going to be able to come home so I made some oats to go!


Two seconds after this picture my spoon fell into the deep abyss… (between the seat and console)…

THAT is a big dilemma, because you see.. oats aren’t exactly the easiest thing to eat without a utensil. So when you drop it and there is no way you can reach it or ever find it again for that matter, you all of a sudden get HANGRY.

It’s a BIG dilemma.

Today’s GPP workout was brutal.



I did half of this, and a back shaping workout.

Afterward, I snacked on a quest bar on my way back to work to teach a boot camp, I’ll get a boot camp workout for you all up tomorrow!

I came home and had a mash of eggs and veggies, covered in siracha.


Quick and easy!

The kids and I tackled some house chores! Its amazing how much that one spot where Tanner is spraying is so clean… I love when they offer to help, they actually have fun doing it! Even if I have to go back and redo it, it is worth it to me to watch them learn.


After I had some kale salad with some tuna fish and topped with Annie’s Poppy seed dressing! It was delicious!


I love the kale salad slaw from Costco! It has broccoli, red cabbage, kale and brussel sprouts in it!

Before heading to coach a few night classes, I whipped up a quick shake to take on the road.


I secretly love that all my shakes are usually to large to pour into one cup. Doesn’t mean I don’t inhale it… I seriously drink these in a minute some days.

Having a little boy, that is completely obsessed with cars and lines them up so proudly to show off is one of my favorite things.


Also, lining them all up at the bottom of the stairs, proves to be some sort of safety hazard. Tanner carries these cars with him everywhere in a big bag! It is funny to wait for him to pick them all up so “they can drive with us.”

What was your workout today?

Do you LOVE or HATE burpees?

I’m in a lunch rut. What is your favorite lunch?? I need ideas!! (Easy peasy)