Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Done and Done!

Happy Thanksgiving EVE! Hope you guys had a great day! This morning my alarm went off far to early…


Ps. My clock is 5 minutes fast… anyone else set their clocks faster to ensure they will be on time??

I headed to work for the morning. I love my job, but waking up after a late night was rough!

I got stuff done and snacked on a Think Thin Creamy Peanut Butter bar, before heading to coach and do the workout with my City Creek crew!


I loved todays workout!



I picked the kids up from preschool and came home for a nap, and the afternoon kind of got away from all of us, just hanging out around the house.

Brent was taking his very LAST CPA test!!! YAY!!! I was nervous for him, but he is practically a genius so I wasn’t to worried. The test took him about 3 1/2 hours and he is now, officially DONE with school!!

Bachelors, Masters in accounting and now a CPA!


I’m so proud of him and everything he does! I’m even more excited he doesn’t ever have to study ever again! Winking smile

We went to Tucanos for dinner to celebrate with some of his family members! It was a pretty eventful dinner.. Lets just say, two THREE year olds with tongs, and sharp knifes within arm distance and being packed around a small round table do not mix..


They had fun though! I guess that is all that matters!

I loaded up my salad plate with every type of salad, veggies, mozzarella balls and strangely enough.. quail eggs. Ps. I’m not a fan of those.. they were kind of rubbery.. Ew.


All the meat was fantastic, but of course my favorite is the pineapple!


Yes. Please!

Now, it’s time for bed!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are doing a big workout tomorrow at GPP! It is going to be a riot! I can’t wait!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

What is your favorite fruit?