Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gear up! We’re going Shooting!


Hi guys, I wanted to just pop in this morning and share something important with you all!

This is my cousin Dustin and his family.


Not to long ago my cousin Dustin was involved in a very bad ATV accident. He suffered multiple injuries, for the most part to his face. the roll cage of the vehicle had rolled right across the middle of his face. He broke nearly every bone in his face, he was told he would never see again. After awhile, Dustin regained a little eyesight in his left eye!


It was a miracle!! He has had to have several surgeries so far to repair the damage. He had major reconstructive surgery that lasted 17 hours!

This is what they did.


The pic on the right is before and the pick on the left was after. The side by side comparison is amazing. They had to re break the bones and place titanium plates everywhere. They have wired his mouth shut and placed a trach in, which is what he is fed from.

Please read the whole story HERE!

Last night they interviewed him and his wife. You can watch that news story at the link HERE.

Anyway, there is a a benefit shoot out for him on December 7! If you are local, I encourage you to attend. I know most of you are probably not, so if you are willing and able to donate you can also donate from the family website. Every little bit helps and it would mean the world to them.


Here is the facebook link to “like” this page and receive updates on the event.


Thank you for your support, love and thoughtful comments. You guys are the best!

Be back later!