Friday, November 29, 2013

Pie Burn and a Bement Thanksgiving


Yesterday was a beautiful day. Time spent with friends and family. I couldn’t of asked for anything better!

I started off thanksgiving by heading to GPP to get a little Pie Sweat on!

I made a little egg mcmuffin on my way out the door. I toasted a cinnamon raisin Ezekiel muffin with coconut oil and had a few egg whites sprinkled with cinnamon on top!


Perfect pre workout fuel!

We had an amazing turnout yesterday at the gym! It was a riot to coach everyone at the same time and with all the trainers together!

We did THIS workout, and lets just say those 200 burpees were really “fun”!


Here are a few of the gals with our Turkey hats!



OH turkey Tom hat is a crowd pleaser. Winking smile

Here is the whole group!

These people are amazing! I’m inspired daily by each and every one of them. I am grateful for a job that I love and for the support from my fit fam.


After Party #1 I headed home to prep for party #2! I whipped up some rolls and headed to Brents Dads house for Thanksgiving! We didn’t have the whole family together, just two out of the 6 families were able to make it, they were missed! It was kind of nice though! It wasn’t nearly as hectic as usual and we got to visit with others a little more.

My Step MIL prepped all the food and did a wonderful job!


My grandma always makes her sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, so having this dish made me feel like I was at home.





Here is a video that Brent put together that includes a little more of our thanksgiving. I tried to insert it into the post but it wouldn’t let me.



We spent the night decorating for Christmas! I started stringing the lights and may of ran out at the top… womp, womp! I’ll go pick up some more Saturday!

The twins loved helping decorating the tree! Which was fantastic because in years past they enjoyed destroying it a little more! Ha!

I was planning on going Black Friday shopping but got a stye in my eye yesterday morning and really needed some extra sleep, so I headed to bed instead! Which I was really bummed about! I love black friday shopping, Not really on the hunt for anything in particular this year so I decided it would be better to get some extra shut eye!

Did you go Black Friday Shopping?

Tell me about your Thanksgiving! Bloggers feel free to link up your Thanksgiving post to comments!