Friday, November 15, 2013

The Fight Inside Your Head


Oh hey!

Remember how I wasn’t feeling too hot, well that continuously got a little worse and this morning I think I was in the most pain in my life, so I ended up at the Doctor this afternoon and started to feel a lot better already! YAY!!!

Yesterday, I didn’t do much of anything.. I coached in the morning, talked myself into going for a run thinking it would make me feel better.

Have you ever been on a run and you just start fighting with yourself? “You shouldn’t run, you don’t feel good.” “Just stop you need to go home and clean up” or “its okay, you can just walk.”

It took all I had to keep going and every time I told myself to stop, I picked up the pace a little more.


I didn’t go far, but I finished what I had started.

That is all that mattered.

I rested the rest of the day, still felt off and just crummy, went to coach and afterward some of us decided Red Mango would hit the spot for recovery. Winking smile

I’m so glad there is a Red Mango in Bountiful! Brent and I used to drive 25-30 minutes to just get it and now its 5 minutes away!


Red Mango has a lot of different options so everyone was very selective about toppings and flavors!


I ended up designing my own shake!

They even have protein shakes and if you want to make your own little concoction you may!


I had Greek Coconut yogurt, 2 scoops of their protein (Isopure) and strawberries and almonds.

It was perfection.

I seriously love every single one of these people and glad I got to spend some time with them outside of the gym just chatting, eating and laughing.


I worked early this morning and it was fun to watch everyone do this workout.

The lizard pushups left cool prints on the floor when everyone left.


How do you ignore the voices in your head?

Tell me about your workout today?