Monday, November 11, 2013

This Workout Is What Nightmares Are Made Of


I’m sure of it.

This morning, I coached this workout and because they were all vets and knew what they were doing, I decided to jump in and do it with them. I knew I had a busy day and I almost copped out because my sprints from yesterday left a little twinge in my hip but I modified it a bit and was just fine.


Source—> All movement demos are there Winking smile

I finished in 17:32! Not my fastest, but I’ll take it! I was dripping sweat the whole way home after laying down for a good 5 minutes afterward!

If you resemble a drugged up mother that just went through a long and painful labor, you know your doing it right.


I took my kiddos back to the dentist today, bee had some fillings, and some sealants to do. I love visiting my old work and catching up with good friends!

Tanner played with some toy cars while miss Bee was getting her teeth “brushed.”


After the dentist we spent the afternoon cooped inside. Bee recovered from her dental appointment great and took a nice long nap once we got home!

I headed out to teach Body Attack 82! We finally launched it tonight! It was easy to learn compared to most but caught up on some studying right before class started. It is hard to concentrate at home sometimes with the twins so I like to go a little early and collect my thoughts and listen to the music in the car before teaching a class!

Tracks 1 & 9 were probably my favorite of the release! Track 5 as always (the strength/pushup track) was killer with added mountain climbers. The music was spot on and was great to keep the energy of the class.


If you haven’t tried Attack, come give it a whirl! Your heart rate will sky rocket and you are gauranteed a good sweat sesh. It is a high energy class, with lots of squats, pushups, plyo work, jumping, burpees etc. AND  there are modifications to everything so look for a local class and just GO!


My phone is awesome at capturing mid jumps and squats. Ha! I felt the class had a great time! I left a little early to coach the last class of the day at GPP, then did some weekly grocery shopping! I have some new fall recipes coming this week! Can’t wait to share!

Happy Veterans Day!


Thank you to those who fought for our Country!

Tell me about your workout today?

Have you tried Body Attack?

Fear or Love the Dentist?

LOVE unless I’m getting a filling.. but I do know what is going on and being done so its just okay, I don’t think anyone loves being numb. I love the squeaky clean filling of getting my teeth cleaned!