Monday, January 6, 2014

#1 and AMRAP 18

The first workout of HELLth week is in the books!


I had an early shift at the gym so I prepared a batch of overnight oats to take with me for breakfast later in my shift.


I am so use to liquid stevia in my oats and I started today with NO sweeteners. I microwaved some frozen blueberries then added some chia seeds to make sweeten the deal. I had egg whites, cinnamon,flax and gf oats.

Love when I make breakfast the night before an early shift and I can shoot out the door in the AM without any prep.

I had to be at the gym by 5 am so a grab and go breakfast is essential.


Hanging out with these peeps is the highlight of my day.

Watching everyone gut out a grueling workout like this is cool.


I also taught a Boot camp Class today.

Here is the workout I gave them for the first MONDAY of the New Year!


My lunch looked just about as good as my breakfast.

I had mahi mahi with some spaghetti squash and unsweetened marinara sauce.


The rest of the day was spent with my kiddos. We have been practicing making our beds everyday, this little Bee is getting pretty good!


Dinner was chicken, salad, and asparagus. Nothing fancy.

Time for bed!

What was your workout today?