Sunday, January 5, 2014

Geared UP!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend!

Yesterday, I taught a PACKED Body Pump class! You can definetly tell it’s a NEW YEAR in the 801.

I love seeing all the new faces at both gyms at work at. Lets hope their resolutions last longer then a week…

Brent and I went on a little mid day date with my little sister and her husband!

We went to a movie and to lunch!

We went and saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”


I need a manicure STAT. Lets not even talk about my toes.

It was a good show! A little strange in parts but overall has a good message and it kept me interested the whole time. I kind of want to go backpacking in the Himalayas now and find a snow leopard.

We went to lunch at a local Hawaiian joint.


This was my first time actually eating it and honestly I didn’t love it. My rice wasn’t cooked thoroughly and my piece of chicken seemed like it was the fattest chicken on the farm. Oh well..

FACT: I’m a picky meat eater. 


Today my two twinners went into PRIMARY! In my church, after nursery they graduate and get to hang out with the big kids.

You know your babies aren’t babies anymore when….


Trying to get a pic of these two has proven to be near impossible these days. I don’t think they ever stop moving!

I did get to snuggle this little babe today!


My Nephew Beck was blessed today. What a little stud huh?!

It was fun hanging out with my fam for the majority of the day.


Tomorrow is the FIRST day of “HELLTH” Week.

We throw our roughest workouts at you for the next 6 days. The challenge is to complete ALL 6 workouts!

This week we also are giving a NUTRITONAL challenge as well.

The challenge is to remove all SUGAR and ARTIFICIAL sweetener from your diet.

From the GPP site:

“How is that?  It is simple. Don't eat added sugar, or artificial sweetener.  You can eat nothing that has sugar, or artificial sweetener added to the list of ingredients.  Look for these on the label:


agave nectar, brown sugar, cane crystals, sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, maltose, malt syrup, maple syrup, molasses, raw sugar, sucrose, syrup

Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame (Nutrasweet), Saccharin, Sucralose (Splenda), Stevia, Mogrosides (Nectresse).

"But wait, aren't some of these sweeteners healthy?" You might ask?

Maybe so, but that's not the point.  The point is that most of us have a sweet tooth.  So much so, that many of us have forgotten the taste of real food.  Our westernized diet is comprised mainly of salty (do you see it coming?) and sweet flavors.  These flavors override the finer senses of taste and smell.  They extinguish our abilities to taste the nuances of natural foods.  This clouds our preferences.  It leads to unhealthy nutritional choices.

Experts say that 7 days is enough to put us back on track.  If you want/need to clean up your diet.  START NOW!

As with "HELLth Week" above, it won't be enough to "try" this challenge "unofficially."  Either you are in, or out.  You are going to do this, or not.  It's cool if you don't want to.  Sometimes it's just not the right time.  

For the rest of us (maybe just me) post your intentions to go "Added Sugar/Artificial Sweetener-Free" for 7 days to comments!   Commit to posting daily with your progress 

There is ONE exception to this challenge.  You may consume small levels of artificial sweeteners with your daily protein supplements.  Not with your coffee, not your tea - just your protein supplement.”

I am excited for the challenge. It is going to be HARD for me! Just thinking about my diet the past few weeks makes me cringe a little. I am all for moderation but its been a bit out of control.. Even when I’m eating healthy and “clean” I realize how much stevia I consume on a daily basis!

One of my bad habits is that I am a CONSTANT gum chewer. I ALWAYS have a piece in my mouth. The only time I can remember NOT chewing gum was when I was pregnant with the twins. For some reason I couldn’t STAND the taste of any sweetener when I’m pregnant.

Dang it.

Why couldn’t I be pregnant THS week?!

So, I’m chewing my last piece of gum for 7 days.

Goodbye my sweet love of extra spearmint. May you stay hidden in the drawer for a whole week.


If you are local and even if your not:

One reason I love my job is that I get to watch people change, I not only see them change physically, but mentally. There is some magic in GPP that gives you STRENGTH to not only start and FINISH workouts that you may think were impossible, but CONFIDENCE in everyday life. Make your fitness serve YOU! Tomorrow "Hellth" Week begins at GPP! If you made a fitness goal this new year THIS is a way you can achieve it! Come into GPP for FREE your first time. You can follow along for free if you are out of state! Check out the workout tomorrow and the CHALLENGE if your up for it!

I’m geared up and ready for this week!

Lets do this!

Peace out home diggitys.

Finish the sentence in comments:

You know your babies aren’t babies anymore when…..

My bad habit is…