Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Having Withdrawals.

This no sugar/artificial sweetener is NO joke. Especially from a long holiday break in which a few treats were consumed. Personally, I’m really not a sugar person. I rarely have candy, cookies or anything. My downfall is how much stevia, GUM and maple syrup I have… This challenge during HELLth week is kickin my trash!

Sugar is a drug. I honestly feel like I’m having withdrawals from just not having gum! My anxiety is higher, I feel more stressed, and I constantly have a dry mouth with a metal taste.

Working out without gum has been the hardest! Especially, during my workout today at GPP.


Specter is probably the #1 hardest workout to me at GPP. It is physically and mentally exhausting. It pushes you to a different level. It humbles you and it is just plain ROUGH.

After the workout I took Bee to dance while T and I played cars until she was done. I continued to be surprised by this kids creativity! It is so cute!


I had a fun lunch date planned that fell through with a friend last minute and called my sister and my cousin to meet me for lunch! They both agreed so we hit up Plates & Palates.

I got the same thing I always do!

Shrimp and Spinach Salad!


Tanner and Baylee had fun playing with both babies!


We came home and did some fun stuff like laundry and coloring.

I also taught pump tonight which was pretty interesting after Specter today.. I was literally shaking on the lunges! It was a great class though with a few new faces!

When I got home my awesome neighbor had dropped off some homemade SUGAR free, Flour free banana bread!!


It is amazing! I will have to get the recipe and share it with you all!

Now, I have an early morning planned tomorrow!

Off to bed!

What is the worst Workout you have ever experienced?

Longest you have ever gone without sugar/artificial sweetener?