Monday, January 13, 2014

One day. One picture.


You know those kind of days that go by so fast, and you come to the realization that you took ONE picture. ALL day.


I really am an amazing blogger sometimes. Ha! But this little kid melts my heart! He is probably the most obsessive kid about his cars.. can you tell?

This morning I started off at GPP. I coached then completed this partner workout.



I love partner workouts! In this workout, one partner does reps while the other holds a below parallel squat, then you switch until all reps are completed. Man, did that squat get ugly by the end!

We completed the workout in just over 26 minutes!

After I taught a boot camp class, went to Costco, home for a few, then back to GPP for kids and to coach the night classes.

It is great to be back teaching the kids. I have a ton of new kids this quarter which is exciting. They did so great today, and I’m set  and ready for the next 8 weeks!

Unfortunately, I now and am feeling the effect of having sick kids, then husband..I guess its my turn…

My throat and ears hurt..


I wanted to try and squeeze a run in but I decided against it. Sometimes you just have to be smart.

I think a few extra hours of sleep hopefully helps! But here is some Monday motivation for you!


Once this sickness passes, I made a list of goals to get to sometime this week….


Words to live by.

Have a good night y’all.

Any “help me so this doesn’t turn to strep remedies”?

Fill in the sentence:

This week I will focus on _________.