Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Should You Workout When Your Sick?

Another day trapped by the plague.


My throat I’m sure closed off. I could barely talk this morning, my fever went down, then went back up so I caved and I got a throat spray and antibiotic and I’m already feeling 5x better then I did yesterday.

Thank goodness for modern medicine and maybe the nurse who was able to translate my voice.

OR then again, maybe it was the essential oil potion I concocted yesterday?

Probably not…

I’m lucky to have such great co-workers, family and friends! Thank you everyone for your get well wishes. I truly appreciate it.

One of my friends fed my family and I all day today!


Chicken noodle soup, pizza and Chipotle! Seriously, best person I know.


Chipotle is good even if you can’t fully taste it. The 1lb. of guac was pretty much perfection!

Thank you.

If you want to know what I had for breakfast too…


English Toffee and Strawberry Oats may be my new favorite for awhile.

Should you workout when your sick?

Well, I guess it depends.

The thing floating around the internet says if it’s your neck up your good to go! If you have aches, stomach, nausea then it’s a NO.

You want to know what I think.

If you go to the gym when your sick, I don’t think your helping yourself or anyone else..

You could actually make your sickness WORSE by working out while your sick so be cautious, take it easy and just let your body rest and recover. If you have a treadmill and want to just walk, go for it.

Working out can strengthen your immune system! So with that said, get to the gym.

Except if your sick!


Do you workout when your sick?


Favorite kind of soup?

Chicken noodle all the way!