Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sky High Workout


You must all love your core power! If you haven’t entered the giveaway, the winner will be posted tomorrow night so jump to it!

This morning I was going to get my GPP workout done early, but completely slept through my alarm.. I think I set it for PM on accident.. oops. Yesterday, I did a quick GPP workout, taught a boot camp class and Body Attack class! I haven’t taught body attack in a few months because I have been trying to get my plantar fascitiss healed. Which I think it is now, because I have had no pain. Besides the fact that my legs are trashed… Note to self: Don’t ever take that long off attack again! My calves are crazy sore too.. which is probably from the billion box jumps yesterday in the GPP workout.

It was nice to just hang out with the kids this morning, watch cartoons and eat my oatmeal out of a bowl.


Strawberry Yogurt Oats! This has been my go-to for awhile! I am lactose intolerant and have been adding just a little dairy in my diet everyday and my gut has actually been okay!

My schedule has been a little busy lately, I added a few more classes at my Golds Gym each week, and kids classes started at GPP again. I love what I do and grateful for the oppurtunity I have to teach and coach and to just be part of others fitness journeys. People inspire me everyday. Really all you need to do is walk into a gym and you will find inspiration in the people there.

I taught a boot camp class this morning and then took Baylee to her dance class, went to GPP and got part of the workout done, lots of laundry cleaned, spent 2 hours making my best “Olaf” with play doh with the kiddos.

Here is the workout I threw at my boot campers this morning. It was inspired by the GPP workout I did yesterday.


To do this workout, the numbers across are your reps, so you will start the workout by doing 20 power cleans then 20 box jumps. Then 19 power cleans and 19 box jumps and so on. I called this workout “sky high” because this will keep your heart rate “sky high”! Heart training at its finest!

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

After they ran one mile to cool down.

I taught a body pump class then ran 3 brutal miles on the treadmill.


I am craving a run outside.. the air lately has been pretty crappy here lately.. it is probably less healthy to run outside right now! EW.

Came home and had a recovery shake made with a little Dymnatize ISO-100 and one scoop of Xocai Chocolate protein,spinach, berries, water and ice.


Came home and had a recovery shake made with a little Dymnatize ISO-100 and one scoop of Xocai Chocolate protein.

Baylee loves to help clean…the toilets. Lucky me.


My water intake has been struggling lately! Time to ramp it back up!

Love me some H2O.


And for a little randomness in the day…..

If you park like this at the gym. In January. You’re an idiot.



How much water do you drink each day?

Who else ran today? How far?