Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Day.

This week is absolutely flying by! Hellth week is almost done only TWO more workouts then its in the bag.

During todays workout, I almost quit at least 10 times. My legs are wrecked! The thought of a squat is a serious mental battle. I did it though, I made a few modifications and had to step back on some of the lunges but got the sucker done!


I used #45 and did box switches instead of box jumps cause I’m still dealing with a little PF pain and jumping flares it up a bit.

Bee woke up with a really high fever in the middle of the night (and puked) so we ended up just hanging out at home for the most of the morning. My grandma and grandpa came over for an hour or so while I ran a few errands that needed to be done. While I was out the blizzard of the century came!


The roads got super slippery and it took me about 20 minutes longer to get home! I live in Utah.. Why don’t I have 4 wheel drive? Ha!

When I got home we decided to hibernate and do a craft. My kids LOVE craft time. They never get enough. I’m sure Baylee could sit and doodle all day!


That face! At least she was starting to feel better at this point.

Tanner was concentrating as he drew his whale.


Do you see it?

Tanner and I organized his cars for a bit today. He is my OCD child and has to have everything perfect. Blows my mind how particular he gets about things.


If I could freeze time right now I would! Now, when do you think I’ll be able to move those cars without him throwing a fit?

The snow kept pounding all afternoon so we called it hibernation and watched a few movies, made a sugar free, not deliciously sweetened treat.


I mixed 1 scoop of protein, some pb, oats, and shredded coconut in the blender then rolled them in balls. I usually use some agave or maple syrup on top but omitted it this time due to the challenge.

Yea. Not the same.

Then we made dinner. We just had sweet potato, eggs and steamed veggies. I have been loving eggs lately.. Maybe cause I’m sick of fish and crockpot chicken.. Our grill has been buried in snow and I’m really just wanting to BBQ again.


Brent took Tanner to work with him this afternoon so Bee and I had a little dinner date. We ate dinner then had a Disney princess dance party. This girl loves to dress up and sing and dance. I LOVE IT.


Tomorrow is workout #5

Bring it.

What activities do you do on SNOW day?