Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken…


Yesterday, I started the day coaching at GPP. When I got home I attempted to make one amazing

omelet. It obviously turned out pretty amazing…


Omelets made by me, usually ends up in a “egg scramble.” I have been LOVING sweet potatoes lately, I usually bake 7 on Sunday so I have them on hand throughout the week. The kids love them too, so they usually don’t last long.

I did 800m sprints x10 yesterday. It has been awhile since I have done a Yasso 800 workout.. about killed me.

I kept a 7:20 pace for the first five 800m then sped it up to 6:40 and the final one was @6:30 mph which I barely made it 800m! I had read the latest runners mag during recoveries. I find if I have a magazine, it can help break up my ADD a little on the dreadmill.


Todays GPP workout was all ABS. I love core work, but I struggled through this workout a bit today, My body is wrecked this week and my hip flexors were a little tight from yesterday, and I modified the V-twist a little bit, but  I do love these ball planks!


I spent about 20 minutes on the spin bike and did 100 walking lunges.

After my workout I went and had my hair done! I’ll post a pic later.. I sent a snap chat but didn’t snap a pic. oops.

The kids and I are getting a little stir crazy. This winter has been LONG and cold and the air quality in Utah right now is pretty bad. Like horrible.. I am running out of activities for these two crazy cats. Tonight I took them to McDonalds play land to get some energy out. My friend Kristine came with me and we just chatted over a few diet cokes while the kids played. It worked like a charm. They both fell asleep as soon as we got home!


To bad they 1. Ignore me when I tell them to smile for a picture and 2. Don’t hold still long enough to actually get a picture.

Love them.

Now the moment we have all been waiting for!

Winner was chosen by

The winner of the Core Power Fit Kit is…………..


Congrats!! Pleas email me, with your info!

What is the secret to a good omelet?!