Tuesday, May 27, 2014

That one time our grill almost blew up.

Our drive home from Bear Lake was quick and smooth, mostly because the twins slept the entire way! 
When we got home we started on a project we have been talking about for the last year!

We have had tile sitting in our garage since we moved in because the previous owners left it behind. 
We headed to Lowes and got a few other supplies and picked out new carpet and counter tops! Lots of renovations coming our way! We stopped by 7-11 for a mandatory slurpee.

and when we got home Brent ripped out all the lineoleum out of the bathroom.  

We took a break and threw together a quick BBQ.

As I was cutting the watermelon, I smelled smoke & when I looked outside our grill was in flames!
 I might of panicked and screamed for Brent.. He quickly got it out and our food survived the fire.. Along with our house.

It was pretty scary and now I have a fear of the grill. We still are not sure how it started but we are just happy the flames didn't quite teach the propane tank! 

This morning I headed to GPP to get the workout done for the day! 
I like this workout because it is hard but over in a flash! I spent some time on the bike afterwards to cool down before heading home. 

I made a quick shake with plant fusion chocolate, unsweetened vanilla almond milk (silk),  berries, and peanut butter! 

It hit the spot! 

Now it is time to head to work! I have a killer bootcamp workout  for my class planned for this morning! 

Catch ya later!