Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hook And Sink Workout


Here is the workout I promised you guys from my boot camp class yesterday! It was a sweat fest for sure!


This morning I headed to GPP first thing to get the workout done and over with before coaching it! I barely finished it before the next class started. I’m starting to thing this belly is starting to slow me down a bit now..



That seriously kicked my  pregnant butt today. I made it through in about 40 minutes. I had to modify by doing kb swings instead of sit ups, air squats instead of squat jumps and I did an extra run instead of double unders.


There is something about finishing a workout, dripping in sweat. At least I can still see a little bit of my toes..

After coaching a couple classes, I grabbed a “very berry” protein shake at the shop across the street. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted after that sweat fest. 


Then headed to a pedicure date with my cute sister in law. I went with a red since tomorrow is Pioneer day for us Utahns.


Then I went to target and tried on a pair of shoes that messed up the pedicure.. boo. I hate when that happens! It was about an hour after they were finished too. I guess it will be known as the nail polish that never dries.

After running a few errands I headed home and the kids and I painted crafts.


I love targets dollar section! It always has a fun craft or two for the kids.

Once Brent got home from work we headed to a PARADE!


It was 103 degrees outside, but we made do and had a blast! We actually ended up leaving a bit early. I felt like it was about an hour longer then it has been in years past. The Bountiful Parade is kind of a family tradition and I have only missed one parade my whole life and it was when I had Tanner and Baylee.


Tanners showing us what his favorite float was, the UTAH float.


This kid bleeds red.

It was a busy day and the kids fell asleep so fast, we decided to skip out on fireworks for the night and are now watching Jurassic Park on the couch. I loved this show when I was a kid!

Do you love parades?