Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How To Gain Speed


Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to to talk about RUNNING!

How can you get faster, as I get slower and slower with this baby bump. Ha!

Here are 5 tips to help you increase your speed.

1. Run with someone who runs faster then you.

I love to run with friends, but I use to not. In fact I avoided it! Why? Because I didn’t feel like I was as fast as they were and I thought I would slow them down. Then I came to the realization that that was just my excuse. When I finally threw that excuse out the window and started running with friends that I knew were fast, I actually got faster. Those runs were some of my favorite runs too, because I hardly noticed my pace because I was having fun just running with some cool chicks.



2. Have “easy” runs in your plan.

Not every run on your training plan should be a HARD RUN. The harder you try to beat your time from each run the slower you will probably get. Your body needs slow runs in order to improve and stay injury free.

Your typical week should include maybe three designated hard runs. A “hard run” should be a run that is short, with fast effort;  a longer run at a moderately high intensity; and an even longer endurance run. These three hard runs should be separated by slow, easy runs, cross training or even rest days. 

3. Train via your heart rate.

This one goes along with my last tip. I use to never even pay attention to my heart rate while training until my last marathon. You need to figure out what your max heart rate is and during your runs, wear your heart rate monitor. Your easy runs should be <70%, and hard runs should be around @70%-75% intensity.

I was able to have 15 minute PR.


4. Time on your feet.


If you want to get faster, you must run. It is as simple as that. Spend time slowing increasing your mileage. Overtime you will find that your shorter runs will get faster and your longer runs will increase pace too.

5. Run Hills.


I am one that doesn’t really enjoy running hills unless it’s a trail run, But training sprints on hills can help you increase your speed. When you are used to constantly running uphill, then when you hit the flat your pace will pick up automatically.

Do you have any tips to add?