Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To Throw a Simple Baby Shower

We threw a baby shower for my little sister Heather. It is so fun to be pregnant at the same time with her! This is her first baby and it is a boy! I am so excited to get another nephew!!

I am currently 27 weeks and she is at 35 weeks.

Throwing a baby shower can be stressful and a bit expensive here are a few tricks I have to save a little mula and have enough money afterward for during a special gift for the baby mama.


We kept the décor fairly light and simple. It ended up classy and just enough.

I made a simple banner from supplies I had in my crafting hoarder pile. (I made on similar earlier in the week for the twins birthday.)  I did have to go to miles and buy the letter stickers last minute because my cricut decided to not work when I needed it too.


My step mom, Aly snagged a few balloons to hang up on the sides of the fire place.

My Aunt had some fresh flowers that she put in glass vases next to the food. I love having fresh flowers. They add a simple, yet classic touch to any shin dig.


My sister loves chicken salad sandwiches and as cliché as they are for any kind of shower, we had them anyway. I bought the chicken salad and the croissants from costco which made the prep super quick and easy. The chicken salad from costco has a ton of dressing in it so I add a large can of shredded chicken to it to make just a bit more and tends to make it the perfect ratio. You can even add a bit more celery to it for added crunch.


This was a family shower so to help with cost and time, I had assigned just a few of my cousins and aunts to bring something to share if they were willing.  We had 3-4 different kinds of salads, fruit, veggies, and two different desserts! Carrot cake and Almond Joy cookies that were similar to these, which are AMAZING by the way.

Aly whipped up this drink kind of on a whim but it ended up being fantastic. It is equal parts of sprite and grapefruit juice with added limes and lemons!


Everything ended up being fantastic.


My sister had a great shower and ended up with a ton of cute stuff for baby D!



So my best tips to keeping a shower affordable and breezy.

Tips for a great Baby Shower

1. ASK for help and delegate things. More likely then not anyone would be willing to bring what is needed.

2. Send EVITES! They are free and SO easy! Evite can also send a reminder about the shower the day before/day of. Which I think is awesome.  I don’t think anyone would be offended if they received an email instead of a mailed invite!

3. Check out what you have on hand before making a shopping list. I totally forgot about all my scrape book paper and shiz niz I had in my basement. Making your own décor can be quick, free and easy that way.

4. Games are fun to play but not required. We didn’t play any games at this shower and nobody missed them. If you have time and want to there are so many ideas online for them here.

5. My favorite and affordable favor is popcorn! It is really easy to pop into bags with a tag that says she is about to “POP” Thanks for coming! (That was my plan.. but I didn’t have the time during the day because it was the twins birthday the same day..)

6. With any gift, I prefer quality over quantity. Especially when it comes to baby stuff. If you get a few people to go in on a gift it makes it easier for

Do you have any baby shower tips?