Thursday, December 18, 2014

17 Minute At Home Workout

Oh look over here. Another late night blogging. I will get back on schedule sometime soon. Last night was bad. Just bad. We won’t talk about it.. but one thing for sure is that I will probably never get my kids all immunized at the same time ever again. There wasn’t much sleeping here last night. Poor kids were just feeling that shot. I know and believe that they are important for my kids but sheesh! They sure do bite after the fact.

I have been eating the same meal for lunch and dinner the last two days and I don’t think I could ever get sick of it.


I crock pot my chicken steam some veggies and add some avocado! I will have a piece of toast or an apple. I need to bake some more sweet potatoes.. That would make the messy bowl just perfect.

One of my clients must of known I had a hard night. NO sleep and an early alarm calls for a little DC and pebble ice. What is it about pebble ice that makes your drink feel so fancy? I am weird and obsessed with this ice!


I did this workout 2 times through today. I can sure feel those thrusters already!


Finally by the end of the day we had smiles again. There is just something about these little smiles that turn me into a big ol’  happy mommy puddle no matter how tired I am.


17 Minute At Home Workout

This time of the year it can be a struggle to get to the gym. Here is a quick workout you can do at home with just a chair!



Here are a couple of other At home workouts.

Catch ya tomorrow!