Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Day In The Life

I have seen a few of these pop up in blog world and thought it would be fun to whip one up. I always find these post to be interesting and it will give you a glimpse into my daily life.

3:45 am Roen wakes up, I go downstairs and feed him

4:30 am Back in bed

5:45 My alarm goes off. I try pumping, but Tanner had lost a piece of my pump the night before so it wasn’t working, and I had to go wake Roen up and attempt to feed him before work. I feed him on one side while making my breakfast. I put him back in bed and get dressed.

6:15 am I grab my breakfast and head to work at GPP.

6:30-8 am Coached and got my workout done.


8:30 am Back home, Feed Roen, make twins Breakfast, attempt to get them dressed to go to mom scouts with me. One falls asleep, the second is mad about something or other and the third put on her dance leotard, dumped out all the toys in the toy bucket and climbed inside to hide from me.


9:30 I give up. Decide to just skip mom scouts and Make me breakfast #2 and start a movie for the twins and type a blog post while eating. I start getting some work done from home and my internet stops working (only for certain sites?!)

10:45 Do dishes, make beds, clean kitchen and clean up toys.

11:30 I do Baylees hair, get shoes on, make a sandwich for them to eat, feed Roen a little bit and took twins to preschool.

12:00 pm Drop off twins, get gas in the car, head home and finish feeding Roen. Brent came home and made me lunch and we ate and chatted till he had to go back to work.


1:30 Roen fell asleep on me and of course I just laid there and enjoyed it and got a little nap in myself.


2:30 Picked Tanner and Baylee up from preschool and we headed to Kangaroo Zoo. They have been good helpers and it is one of their favorite activitie.S so we run around and play with a few friends for a few hours. I fed & changed Roen there while the kids played. Tanner was supposed to go to gymnastics at 4pm but he was having too much fun so I let him skip it. He will go to a make up class tomorrow.


5:00 pm We head to the grocery store to get a few things for a craft I want to do later with them. No meltdowns happened. It was a miracle.

5:45 We finally get home and I make dinner for the kids. Nothing special. It was a quick chicken nugget, sweet potato with brussel sprouts. –> My kids really like them!


6:00 I start getting the craft ready, Tanner and Baylee help and it worked! Kinda. I’m not sure to call it a pinterest success or a fail by the look of my kitchen floor at the end! But we had fun while it lasted.


6:30 I feed Roen again while the kids were playing with the snow dough and play dough up in my room.

7:30 I head downstairs only to discover oobleck (must have been in the playdoh box) all over my carpet from the top of my stairs all the way to the bottom. I make them help me clean it up.. then spent the next hour and a half cleaning, scratching, vacuuming it out. Every mom needs this in there house. It has saved me on multiple occasions.


ps. oobleck is kind of like silly putty but more runny and sticky.. you make it with corn starch. It is not carpet friendly.

8:30 Brent gets home and feeds the kids a second dinner.  Twins get in food fight and get sent to their rooms.

9:00 Brent gets kids through bed time routine while I sweep the kitchen floors up and then he did the dishes. I fed Roen again and changed him into his jammies and put him back in bed. (He was my favorite child today.) Winking smileI spied on Tanner because he is always the last one to fall asleep. Watching him pretend to read books to himself make me smile. I go in and finish reading to him and kiss him goodnight. ( I should post a video of what we go through with him every night! He will come into our room at least 15 times before finally falling asleep.)


9:45 I take a shower and start writing this post while watching Nashville. It got half way through and the TV station quit working. BOO.


10:52 PM I go to bed.

4:45 Roen woke up! That is the longest I have slept in two months! Yay!

5:40 I get ready, whipped up a quick breakfast, toast with almond butter and banana and went to work!

Well, that was a great 24 hours!

Question of the day:

Tell me one thing about your day!