Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Five Minute Breakfast

Yesterday, I jumped right back into the work week. I am still a little bit in shock that it’s the last month of this year!

The workout at GPP was the first one I have RX’d since I had Roen. It took me 27:30 but my only goal was to finish it.

I used to say I missed doing real burpees when I was pregnant. I take that back now.


Baby steps.


After the gym I got home just in time to make some breakfast cookies. Winking smile


#1 I know I need new pans.

#2 No, we really didn’t eat those sugar cookies for breakfast. Not that there is anything wrong with that.Winking smile

#3 I made this for breakfast..


It has no name. That is probably good, because it probably won’t end up in any recipe book anytime soon.


1 egg + 4 egg whites + spinach + sweet potato.

I bake a bunch of sweet potatoes at one time to have in my fridge at all times. So this meal took one pan and 5 minutes to make.

Fast forward a few hours and it was 65+ degrees outside so we took advantage and headed out for a walk around the block.


When Brent got home from work I headed to take Body Attack. I’m not teaching it yet.. I have to get back in shape to do that.. Winking smile So, I went and did only the first half because we had a holiday party to get too.

We each brought a couple sides to share and my friend Ashley made this amazing salmon.II made the quinoa and brought some sweet potatoes.


We had the kids dress up and act out a nativity. We also watched “He is the Gift” to help the kids understand the true meaning of Christmas. They had a blast and we survived with 8 kids under 6.


I love that these kids are such good friends and will grow up together and have fun with this fun new tradition.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?