Monday, December 22, 2014

Lazy M.F Monday: What’s in my makeup bag?


Who is ready for another Lazy M.F Monday post!?

I know this is just my second post of the series but I am loving them! I have brain stormed a whole list of different topics to share and I am excited to post about them.

First off, how was your weekend? I hope it was full of a little or a lot of holiday cheer. We had a family party on Saturday to celebrate Christmas and my grandmother turning 90!


She is the one on the left and she is talking to her sister who is 95!! I have to say. Both of them look amazing for their age! Lets hope I fall into that piece of my genetic pool.


I love that lady!

Anyway, back to business!


What is in my make up bag.


I always find these post interesting because I love to find and hear about different products that others love, and that I may actually fall in love with also. As a busy mom I don’t get the opportunity to make it out to the mall often to try on, and purchase some of my favorites as I used too, but  I have found a lot of great products at target or even the grocery store that replicate a few of my department store favorites.  So here are a few of my faves from my bag.

Just so you know these products are well used, most are about ready for a refill!

First up!

Physicians formula BB Cream.


This is amazing! It is pretty similar to Bobbi Browns BB cream and half the price! It is still about $14 but is worth it. One bottle can last me 3-4 months, and I use it every. single. day. It provides moisture, coverage, and flawless looking skin! I don’t think I will ever waste my money on a different kind of foundation ever again.

HP Concealer by NYX


I have loved this concealer. Its easy to apply and blends perfectly! I also love the waterproof stick by NYX. I use it under my eyes and as a highlighter! Go buy it and thank me later.

ELF brushes.


You guys, these brushes are like $1-$3 at Target. Seriously. So cheap and I love them. I have never splurged on nice brushes before so I guess I really don’t know the difference.

Elf has a crazy amount of different brushes all with a great price point! Check them out next time you are in Target!

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eye Liner (black).

IMG_0547I used to use Bobbi Browns gel liner but I found this about a year ago and love it just as much. It comes with a brush but I toss it and use this elf small angle brush and apply it to my bottom lid.

NYX butter cream lip glosses


I think these have been my favorite find recently! They are smooth lip gloss that has bright colors all the way to neutral colors and I have about 6 different ones. My favorite is the crème brulee! It is a light every day color that I am sure everyone can pull off. I bought the red one recently to add a pop of color for the holidays!

Physicians Formula Bronzer


I buy the medium-dark pallet and use it everyday. I never put bronzer on my whole face, just where the sun would hit (like where you are most likely to get sunburned). It adds the perfect amount of that sun kissed look. It also cost about $12 ish dollars. But last quite awhile!

ELF Pink Passion blush



This blush is hot pink and seems a bit intimidating at first but I promise it looks amaze on. It also cost a grand total of $3.00! You can’t beat that. I use it everyday also and have repurchased it multiple times!

Natural Eye Shadow by NYX


I recently just purchased this to test it out and I think I may stick to a loose powder. I like this, and I do go for more of a more matte look compared to a shimmer but, I like how a loose powder goes on more than a pressed powder. Although, I do miss my MAC eye shadow but which is pressed but just is better.

Maybelline Mascara


I have used this mascara since Junior high. My mom is the one who introduced it to me, and I have used it ever since she taught me how to put on my own makeup. Weirdly, I feel like it connects me to her in a way. (My mom passed away in ‘05) I have tried SO many other mascaras, even department kinds and none match up to good ole’ Maybelline. I always buy the blackest black!

MAC lip stick.


I have a variety of lip sticks by MAC. In fact I have a whole different bag full of a variety of different colors and brands of lipstick. MAC is my favorite by a landslide. They stay the longest and topped with a shine gloss from Victoria Secret and your good to go!. NYX are a close second.

I love make up and it has totally worn off on my little one. She always asks me to do her make up before we go anywhere! I secretly love it.


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