Monday, December 1, 2014

Lights at Temple Square

Happy December 1st!!

Can we just freeze time right now? I love this time of year and I am totally content with where my kids are at. Tanner and Baylee are at the stage where they are so excited about everything Christmas! Watching their eyes light up about decorating, presents and Christmas lights make me smile.

This weekend we spent a lot of time checking of some of our favorite holiday to-do’s. We went and saw the lights at temple square, decorated our house and did a little black Friday shopping.. (online…ha!)

Friday morning I was totally doing the Turkey drag. Brent went hunting that morning and I enjoyed “sleeping in” –> more like staying in bed till 10 am watching cartoons with the twins. Once B got home I headed to the gym to get a little run in. I should of ran outside, it was 65 degrees! But it was really windy so I opted for the treadmill. I ran into a few friends there which totally made this 5k go by fast. I wasn’t feelin it but finished the workout and by the end I was glad I stuck through it.


The ttwins did most of the decorating this year. My tree is pretty kid friendly so I don’t mind letting them do all the work. Winking smile


At night I have been bringing Roen out to nurse in front of the Christmas tree. Something about the white sparkling lights is just calming to me. I love to read or just think about life in general here.


Roen is now 7 weeks old. I can’t stand how fast he is growing!


Lights at Temple Square

The weather is unseasonably warm for this time of year.  We took advantage of it and headed out to SLC to see the Christmas lights with just about everyone  else in the state. Winking smile

My dad and brother came with us and we had a great time fighting the  crowds ( more like, just go with the flow.) to see all the lights around the LDS Temple.


Brent and I got married in this temple so we always love going back to visit.

We also spent some time walking around the mall. There is a stream going through the middle of it with trout in it. My dad loved showing T & B the fish.


We got some hot chocolate, along with some of their artisan marshmallows to enjoy while walking around. If you ever see this vehicle, I recommend flagging it down to get your hands on that goodness!


Macy’s has “candy windows” They are pretty much amazing architecture completely made with candy! The detail is simply exquisite. I was amazed at it all!


The lights are so special at temple square because literally every single branch is covered with lights!


It was fun spending some extra time with my dad. It was a great night!


Tell me something about your weekend!?