Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday fail

Hey guys! 
This morning I opened up my computer to blog and the screen won't turn on. 😩

Monday fail 

So I'm bloggin from my phone. Whomp whomp! 

Here are some snap shots from the weekend.
Roen is now 8 weeks old! 

It's still oddly warm in Utah still. I'm not complaining. Playing outside is our favorite.

I got crafty with the girls on Friday. I'm completely not crafty. I always joke I'm a retired crafter. I used to do it all the time but ran out of just that.. Time! It was fun to get back into it a bit.

I'm very proud of this plate. It's not perfect but I love it! 

I made a new quinoa salad! It was do good! I'll get the recipe up soon! 

Sunday night dinner. Simple and delicious! 

Morning cinnamon rolls for the win. We are off to a healthy start this week. ;)

Hopefully, my computer thing is not a permanent thing.. Dear, Santa...

Have a happy Monday!