Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snow Dough

Happy Saturday! I usually don’t post on Saturdays but wanted to pop in quick to share the snow dough recipe from my “A Day In The Life” post.

First off, lets get through today’s workout.

This morning I taught Les Mills Body Pump 92 for the first time! It was pretty tough, in a good way of course!

Would you guys like a full review of it? It has been out for a bit, so most who are all Les mills savvy have probably already done it. But I’ll do one if I have a request for it. So.. speak now or forever hold your peace.

After pump I wanted to get a run in really quick to loosen up the legs before I headed home. I only had time for a quick mile. I slowed down and walked for a quick second to answer a phone call. But overall it felt pretty good on lead legs from all the squats in Body Pump!


I was done in a flash and out the door.

Oh! Yesterday we took the kids to see Santa!

I think it turned out pretty good! No screaming kids! Roen had just woken up… obviously. ha!

Alright, back to our regular scheduled program.




  • 1 Ivory Soap Bar –> *IT MUST BE IVORY!
  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • 3 T. + of water.


Rip the toilet paper into tiny pieces. I had the kids help with that one. We didn’t do the whole row maybe 40 squares. It just adds a little more texture to it.


Use a cheese grate to shred the bar



Microwave Ivory bar on a plate for 2 minutes.


Combine the fluff with the toilet paper by kneading it with you hands. *Careful, it is a little hot! Don’t let your kids do this part!

Add 3 tbs. water and keep mixing.

Then play!


My kids loved this! It was a little more crumbly then I thought it would be, but you could add a little more water to it and see if it helps.

Have fun with it!

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