Monday, March 16, 2015

Body Attack 87

Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Friday was pretty laid back and we just hung out at home and played outside since Brent got home late from work. Saturday was busy, starting with pump in the morning, a run, a baby shower then I headed out to a bikini competition. My sister competed in her first NPC competition this weekend. She did awesome for her first one, and I’m excited that she is working on her goals.

I didn’t get a chance to post my training on Sunday so here is last week in review

Monday- GPP, Body Attack

Tuesday- 6x800 @3:34 with 90 Sec. Rest., Body Pump

Wednesday- GPP, Tempo Run- 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ 8:40, 1 mile easy, on TM

Thursday- GPP, Boot camp

Friday 7 mile run (Was supposed to be 10, ran out of time). GPP

Saturday- Body Pump 4 mile hill run.

Body Attack 87

We launched Body Attack 87 this Monday, we are a little behind since 88 just was released.. 87 was a killer release! There are a few different things going on throughout the release due to a new format.  I’m going to do a review through each track.

1. Warm up- Do you want me

This track is meant to warm up the body before tackling the rest of the tracks and it does just that! The step repeaters turn into backward stepping lunges than go back to repeaters, lots of running forward and back and even some squats and mountain climbers. I used to really not love going to the floor on the warm up track but it has been like this the last few releases so now I’m used to it and love it. The mountain climbers really warm up the core, shoulders and the hips.

2. Mixed Impact- Fancy

I taught this one and it may of taken me watching it a few times to get the hang of the ending. I love this song and there it is track that you can play in a little and just relax and have fun. There is a new move in this track which is the side step and you pull your hands around and pull them to your hips. It kind of reminds me of the “Carlton.”

3. Aerobic- Warrior

I like this song and there are a ton of jumping jacks that drop into a drop squat which is fun to have so many level changes. It also has some direction change, watch out for that. Just have fun with this track!

4. Plyometric- Weekend 2014

I loved this track! It is a tricky one to cue because we split the room into two groups and one group does high knees and the other does skaters. power 3 step run, or plyometric lunges. It made the track go by quick and it got our heart rates up fast! It did remind me of Grit a lot, if you have ever taken any of those classes you may too.

5. Athletic Strength- Loco

This is where the programming has changed a bit. In past releases it has been a mix of chest or tricep pushups and usually some planks thrown in. In this release you get all of that, plus some leg work. Track 10 that used to be a leg track (squats, lunges) is now a core track. I did like the track but I LOVED the leg tracks so I’m kind of bummed there won’t be anymore tracks like that. Also this track is 6:14 Long. It is a good track but I didn’t get that suffer fest in my shoulders like you usually get in past releases. (Actually, that may be a good thing..Winking smile) Ha! I’ll say it just didn’t seem as physically or mentally hard.

6. Running- Good Vibrations

This is a great flash back song. I personally love the running track because it gives me a chance to relax and play around with the members. You start off by running in a circle clockwise and then it slows down and you do more backward stepping lunges. The new move in this track is the step sprinters knee. It is a fun new movement. I did feel like it was kind of all over the place though. Running around, lunging, running in and out (just 1x) then back to lunges, then having to hold the lunge backwards, Etc. All the holds I feel that they messed with the flow of the track. To much stop and go. The song is fun and the booty burn was a good bonus.

7. Agility- Make it bounce

My calves, my calves are on fire!! That was my first thought.. This track is fun and bouncy! You split the room into two groups and face the middle. There are some level changes. You will sprint forward and then run back and immediently drop down into a plank and then back up quick so be ready for that. You also have double jump with a twist and some snow boarder jumps.. Like I said.. Your calves…

8. Interval- Shine your light

Nothing new in this track. Side flicks, kicks, and running forward and back. I had fun with this one, pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Fun song and great beat.

9. Power- Rock the party

Burpees + a tuck jump in any track is ROUGH! I loved this track it was a perfect way to wrap up the cardio!  So hard and so fun.  There is a few side jump with a straight jump in this track and I’m not a fan of that movement. It is a great power movement but my arches usually hurt and lets face the fact that I have birthed 3 children soooo for some awkward reason that moves makes me pee. TMI? Sorry.. Its just the facts. Overall it’s a great track.

10. Core- When it ends it starts again.

Like I said above with track 5. I miss the leg track.. This core track is 6 minutes long and it involves planks, side planks, cross crawl (aka bicycle crunches) and a new move called sky diver. I like how this track hits the core at all sides. You get front, obliques, static plank holds front and side and back extensions. I wasn’t a fan of this song. It is slow and reminds me of a cool down song. I would prefer a song with more of an up beat and maybe adds some hip taps while you hold the side plank. It has a bit of plank holds, but changes every 32 counts so you can push yourself to hold it in the up position without breaking.

11. Cool down.

Good song, straight forward. Stretch and relax! Your Done!

If you haven’t tried Body Attack, find your nearest class and get to it! It is one of my favorite programs to teach and will leave you dripping in sweat!! I love this class as a cross training in my running training! It has an athletic feel and you feel great afterward!

** Sorry no pics right now.. my computer isn’t syncing with my phone cord! Boo!! I will have to figure it out sometime tmrw! Sorry y’all!