Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lazy M.F Monday: Rocksbox

Yes, I realize that it is Tuesday. But it has been awhile since I have done a fashion post and this just could NOT wait until Monday!

I want to introduce you all to Rocksbox and if you have heard of it before, I’m mad at you for not telling me all about it! For those of you who were left in the dark about this whole gig like me.. Today I’m going to tell you how it works!

Rocksbox is a jewelry company that you sign up for as a “Shine Insider” and they will send you 3 items (worth $200) for $19 a month. You pretty much borrow them and wear them as much as you want and then return them and they send you 3 more pieces!

If you love a certain piece and want to keep it, you can buy it! The best part about that deal is that each month you get $10 of “shine spend” that you can save and that credit goes towards helping you purchase it!  

This month I was sent 3 pieces of Gorjana jewelry. I picked a necklace through my #wishlist.. If you see a piece on Rocksbox Instagram (@rocksbox) then just hashtag “wishlist” and your personal designer will snag it for your next box! I also got a bracelet and a ring.


I really LOVE all three pieces! I love jewelry and when I’m not sweating my face off in the gym I really enjoy wearing a few delicate pieces and of course I am obsessed with statement necklaces. I feel like you can dress them up or even throw on a statement tee to make it look like you actually may of thought about getting dressed today. (Take off your sweats though, that’s a dead giveaway.Winking smile)

Once you order your box you will be kept in the loop about when your box will ship out via email. When it gets to your door be excited!


Each box is personalized and includes an info card that has all the information about each piece in your box.

Each piece is kept in its own cute bag to prevent any tangling and straight up frustration. Anyone else have a pet peeve of untangling necklaces?.. Ps. Hasn’t happened to me since I made my organizer!


Inside the box you will also find a pre-paid shipping sticker, so it is EASY to send it back.

I love this whole idea for a few reasons.

ONE. It is all designer jewelry that I usually pass on buying in the first place, because I don’t want to spend a ton on one necklace, ring, or bracelet.

TWO. I love variety and having new pieces to switch it up each month is exciting to me.

THREE. Its like getting a present every month because you don’t know what 3 pieces you’re going to get!

Rocksbox has offered my followers to receive their FIRST MONTH FREE!!

Go to www.rocksbox.com

Just type in “hungrymotherrunnerxoxo” at check out.

Easy as cake! I hope you guys are excited about it as I am!

Get classy!