Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Veggie Of The Week

Tuesdays are usually pretty busy for us around here but with spring break, no school or dance/gymnastics and the fact it was my off week from teaching body pump, it was a pretty laid back day.
I worked this morning at GPP and did the workout. 
You guys want to know a secret?!

I can't do a strict chinup. 

Nope. Not to save my life. 
Kip, sure. 
Dead lift #275, yep
Power clean, back squat, all over #150 but I can't pull myself up. 
I blame my long limbs but mostly I'm a wimp? 


I also got a bike ride
and 5 tempo run in. My tempo run was supposed to be 7 but ran out if time and ended up doing 1 easy, 3 @ 7:15 and last mile easy. 
I came home made a quick dinner for Baylee and did a craft with her since the boys had a night out. 
Asparagus is my veggie of the week. Too save on grocery money I try and just buy one veggie for the week. It's boring but it works.. I used to buy all the fresh veggies in the world but more than 80% of them went bad before I could get to them. So if you have the same problem, just buy one fresh veggie and eat it all week. 
I also have frozen veggies so if I need a little more variety than I'll whip some of those up but this little strategy has helped a ton!

Roen hung out with Baylee and I too.
That smile gets me everytime. 
What is your goal this week?

What is your favorite veggie?