Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Re-cap + Costco tip

Happy Monday!
I kind of fell out of the internet world come Thursday, which than led through the weekend due to an family emergency situation. I’m not going to go into detail of the situation quite yet, but everyone is safe and we are good now.
The weekend was overall pretty good! Starting off Friday, I got my *almooost 10 mile run in, but had to break it into two different runs because I had run out of time in the morning, so had to finish it on the tm at home while Baylee and Tanner were at preschool.
Friday night we spent some time at home together and played on the tramp had a great dinner and Brent and I spent the night laughing while watching Friends on Netflix.
Saturday, started with a bang with a Body pump class. We taught most of the new release and I spent 45 minutes on the spin bike because my bike is having a chain skipping issue so I didn’t get the chance to get outside on it.. 
Afterwards, I came home and took a shower, got some cleaning done around the house and then took this little babe out on a date to go see Cinderella. My Step MIL and niece came as well and we had fun time and LOVED the movie! Although, the actress who played Cinderella.. her eyebrows through me off a bit. haha! But overall, we thought the movie was great!
On Sunday we slept in and made a pancake breakfast, I headed out for a quick 3 mile run and was so happy I did because the weather was amazing!
Don’t mind my amazing hair.. I had it in a top knot and was driving me nuts while running so I pulled it down. But that elbow sweat..
It is amazing what I little time outside can do for your mood! I have to admit that running endorphins are addicting!
I took the kids fishing at a local pond and they had a blast. We didn’t catch anything, but had fun feeding the geese and the ducks.
We came home and whipped out a quick meal.
Chicken, Quinoa and Asparagus.
My new favorite Costco find lately is this microwaveable Quinoa! I love quinoa. It is a complete protein and has many other health benefits but it can be a pain to make with the rinsing, and boiling and stirring.. What if you could just put it in the microwave and have it in a dish 3 minutes later?
YES please.
It is great. Get it. Eat it. Love it.
Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!
Mondays are always busy so I’ll try to pop in again later tonight!