Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend recap and stitches

Hey guys!
Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 
Note: I am blogging from my cell phone because I'm having internet issues yet again.. We have had so many problems with our internet service I am planning on canceling it and finding another. 

Anyway, back to blogging! 

Weekend re cap! 

We spent the weekend up at our cabin with a few of my siblings and we had a great time shooting guns, playing on the carpet slide and hiking around the pond. 

The kids even met the Easter bunny. 

The twins have been so excited to color Easter eggs and have a egg hunt that we decided to have one with just the two of them. Yes, they are spoiled.. 

It was roens first trip to the cabin and he loved it up there. 

We drove back late last night. 
Self sanity tip: If you have kids.. Drive at night! My kids are good little car sleepers and slept the entire way home! It was much more relaxing and I didn't feel like selling them when we got home! ;) 

This morning I had off of work since I wasn't actually planning on getting back from our trip till later today. But I made my way into the gym to get this workout done.

I pushed Roen in the stroller for 4 out of the 6 800m runs and did presses instead of flies. 
I also did the extra for the day with the #75 and I had a serious sweat going on. I almost feel like I should of cleaned up the floor.. Ha! 
Afterwards I decided last minute to be a "fun mom" withy my sister and take our kids up to the zoo! We have passes and we love going. This was another first for Roen. He wasn't too intrigued by the whole thing but he got to meet a baby ape that was about the same age as him! 
We all had seeing how we sized up next 

Yep. I have long arms. It's a known fact that I have always had the nickname "monkey arms" for a reason. 
After the zoo, I had an appointment at the doctor office to have my cyst on the back of my arm removed..
That was interesting. 

Wow. That looks extra gross. 
I'll have these stitches for about a week! I had what's called a sabaceous cyst. It is caused by swelling around hair follicles. 
Or something like that. 
To have it removed my doctor numbed it with a locol anesthetic, which hurt a bit..  and used a blade to cut it and remove the cyst "sac."
It was disgusting but kind of fun to see. 
I'm one of those weird people that like popping zits and watching crazy medical procedures. 
He stitched it up and I was out the door quickly. I took some ibu earlier tonight for a little bit of pain. Overall, it was a simple procedure. 

Baylee wanted to make a cake after to surprise Brent so we did just that.

I'm just so dang domestic..

Bundt cake #fail. 

I decided to do something I am good at and the kids and I went out on a night ride before the sun went down.

Oh how I love my new bike! 
I have a ride planned tomorrow night and can't wait! I still have to get my aero bars put on it.. 

Time to hit the hay! 
Catch you all tomorrow. 

Any spring break plans?

Tell me something about yor weekend!