Monday, May 18, 2015

Ogden Half Marathon Re-cap

Wow! So much to say about this race! Let get started!

Friday afternoon, I took the kids up to Ogden to grab my packet from the expo! Ogden has such a fun expo, I wish I would have had more time to let the kids play and to shop around a bit. We had dance tryouts and a preschool program to get too, so it was a quick trip in and out. I did let them race through the inflatables outside a few times.

Finding my bib was a breeze. I didn’t have to wait in line and the volunteers were so helpful and kind. I had a few bibs to pick up and they were so organized and were able to get me everything I needed quickly.

We took a fun picture after getting everything. Huge thanks to Zions Bank for printing off two copies so each of my kids could have their own. Roen was there too, but was sound asleep in the stroller.


Baylee even got her hair colored while we were there. She just had to have PINK hair for her preschool program..

RACE day!

This was my first time doing the Ogden Half. I have only done the full marathon before so I was excited to just tackle the half since the weather didn’t look too promising for the day.

I set my alarm to go off at 4:30AM I woke up naturally at 4:17 AM.

Lucky me.

I had everything set out the night before ready for me to grab.

My Garmin, & I pod all charging, clothes in Bathroom, GU’s in Belt and my number was pinned to my belt. (I hate poking holes in my Lulu) –> I was set!

When I woke up I went straight downstairs because I had a weird feeling to check my garmin.. It DIDN’T CHARGE!! UGH.. I moved the charger around and got it actually charging. I could of sworn I did it right the night before. I’m just glad I caught it. It only got about 30 minutes of charging before I had to leave.

I got dressed and ready, then ran downstairs and made a slice of toast with peanut butter and honey and was out the door.

I met my dad and his fiance and he drove us to the starting line with a few of our friends too! It was SO nice to not have to take the bus and to sit in the nice warm car until it was GO time. It was also nice that my dad stopped at some porta potty’s up the road so we didn’t have to wait in the line at the start. (There were plenty of them though.) It was raining but just lightly as we were waiting in the car. We got out about 5 minutes before the gun went off.

I took ONE picture at the race..

The beginning…


Look how amazing that rainbow is! I actually took this as a sign in the car that the rain  was actually going to stop..

Silly me.

As soon as the gun went off everyone started to walk through the start line. It was a bit crowded as usual but I was able to weave my way in and out to find my way through. In that first mile the rain started to POUR! This was about the time I wish I would’ve worn my poncho..

I wore crops, sports bra, tank, arm warmers, a Lulu Run swiftly and gloves with hand warmers in them.

Things I wish I would’ve had.. ( a poncho and a hat.)

I felt physically felt great. I actually do love running in the rain. It keeps you cool while your running so you don’t overheat, your lips never get dry and its more motivation to get to the finish right? 

Unfortunately, I had one problem… When I started the race, I came to discover that the girly thing that happens each month but hasn’t happened to me in over a year (pregnant+nursing…) had happened…

Yep. Awesome right?! Sorry boys.. It just HAD to be on race day…

I had nothing ladies.. nothing.. figured it was raining and glad I wore black. I knew it would be 2 hours max. Just. Run. Fast.

Glad I got you laughing..

Lets go through my thoughts each mile along with pace.

NOTE: I do not stop my garmin during potty breaks. Main reason: I couldn’t feel my fingers to touch even stop it.. 

Mile 1 8:52 “move, excuse me, move.. comin’ through.” A HILL.

Mile 2  8:32 Feeling good. Time to work.

Mile 3 8:49 It’s Cold. Only 10 more miles.

Mile 4 8:59 Drank Powerade, Potty Break.

Mile 5 8:04 Great down hill. Missing my poncho right about now.

Mile 6 8:38 Took one GU –> Salted Carmel. psst. its delicious! Drank a bit of water with it.

Mile 7 8:54 Potty Break, WET clothes suck… I’m Getting tired..

Mile 8 8:33 Oh friends!! Talked and sang in the rain.

Mile 9 8:13 Second wind! (a little late if you ask me..) Feeling good! Almost there!

Mile 10 8:23 Stepped in one giant puddle running under a bridge.. That was so fun! Crap.. I have a lake in my shoe now..

Mile 11 8:42 Drank Powerade. I’m freezing.. I can’t stop. Just finish..

Mile 12 9:15 – oh crap..  potty break. Swore a little..

Mile 13 8:35 There it is!! I see the finish line. Lets finish this. CAR HEATER!!

Official time 1:54

A little frustrated because I had to stop so much, but very happy to sub 2 when I didn’t think I’d make it due to certain issues and self doubt.. yolo right?

Brent had come to the finish line and had all the kids. I missed seeing them on the side line and they didn’t see me!! I had a nice volunteer take my phone out of my belt (which I also had in a plastic bag) and call Brent because my fingers would not work and my phone wasn’t even sensing my cold hands!

I immediately found them and got to the car as fast as we could! I didn’t even take a finisher picture there! I wanted too so bad, but I needed warmth and bathroom more.

End of story. .TMI about my experience eh? YOLO

My first race post partum is in the books!


This race is one of my favorites. The scenery is beautiful and the waterfall at mile 9 is my favorite part of the race. There is something about that canyon that I just love. Ogden Marathon was my actual FIRST Full Marathon so it holds a little special place in my heart.

There is a reason this is one is in the top 10 of the best Marathons to run.

The Scenery is great, you run around one of my favorite lakes and then down a beautiful canyon, through a park and the final stretch is on one of the most historic road in Ogden, Utah.

The volunteers at all the aid stations are amazing! They even opened my GU for me since I couldn’t quite get my fingers to work.. They are prepared and ready to hand you water/powerade/trays of bananas and oranges, swedish fish, Clif shots, and even cool towels! (Which actually were DRY towels this year.. ha!)

This is one race I look forward to every year, RAIN or SHINE!