Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Red Rock Relay 2015 And Some Happenings

Red Rock Relay this year did not disapoint! This is one of my favorite races of the year with these girls! For those of you who are not familiar with Red Rock, It is a relay race done with a team of 6 people. Moab Red Rock is just ONE day! You cover 68 miles and call it a day.

This year we went down to Moab on Thursday night, slept in and spent ALL day Friday hiking all around Arches National Park. We did the same last year and I totally recommend it.

Delicate Arch is the obligatory hike of the trip.


This year it was SUPER windy! We literally may of almost fell off that cliff. Picture was worth it right? I did lose my sunglasses in the process..

Saturday was race day and I was runner #1. My wave started at 5:40. We woke up at 4:45 and I got dressed and ate my honey stinger waffle about 20 minutes before the run.

My first leg was almost 6 miles but ended up being almost 7 because there was a detour due to the city forgetting to open up a fence for us to go through..  it was off to a rocky start but once I got back to the road I made a phone call to let my friend (race director) know what was up. The leg was mostly up hill along the colorado river which was beautiful.

My second leg was the kind of run that makes you go to a dark place and really dig deep. It was only 3 miles but it is STRAIGHT UP HILL with lots of fun switch backs. Too top it off it was snowing! I was not super prepared for that, and ended up wearing socks on my hands to keep my fingers from freezing off. I only brought one jacket for the whole trip so took it off once it got bad again to keep it somewhat dry so I would have something to keep me warm later.


Once we got out of the La salle Mountains the Moab sun came back out and we had great weather for the rest of the race.


We only had 5 people on our team, everyone did amazing and I love these girls like sisters.

After the race we went and ate and then packed up and headed home.

The Happenings:

Sunday for mothers day, we had dinner at my Mother In-laws and we all just hung out, made s’mores, and enjoyed having the boys do everything for us.


Today’s run was done in two different runs.

This morning I hit my snooze 5 too many times.. it was a rough night with my baby (teething is sooo fun.) So I’m totally justifying my snooze button.

I was able to get just over 3 miles before I had to head home for my husband to get to work by 8.


Then tonight I headed back to finish it.

5 miles in 38:26 I was playing with the speed the whole time while talking with my sister. I mostly listened because I get a side ache if I talk and run. weird I know.


SO Ogden Marathon is this WEEKEND! I am just doing the half and I am so excited for it. Although, I checked the weather yesterday and it supposed to RAIN! Ugh. Not what I wanted to see on the forecast.It rained during the race 2 years ago and it was absolutely miserable. I’m hoping that the weather is wrong and it will be beautiful. We have 3 days, C’mon mister sun!

I wanted to get 8 miles in today and I’ll do a 4 miler Thursday and rest Friday. I’m hoping I feel good Saturday. This will be my first race post baby. I haven’t ran more than 7 miles at time for the last 3 weeks.. One day I will have time to train in real life. Mom/fitness instructor life makes that hard sometimes. Winking smile Miles 11,12 &13 should be fun. Wish me luck!