Thursday, June 25, 2015

29 Things I’ve Learned about running in 29 years.

Today is my BIRTHDAY! OK, MONDAY was my Birthday.. but  I never got around to posting this so here it is!

I’m now 29 years old and will stay 29 years old forever.

I kid.

I have thought of 29 things I have learned about running/racing that I feel of great importance.


1. Do not dry shave your armpits before you run. Not even with soap.. remember this?

2. Setting your alarm/phone across the room almost guarantee's you will actually get out on that run.

3. Running with friends is better vs. not running with friends.


4. Do not eat cookie dough ice cream and run 2.2 afterwards you finish it..

5. Double. and triple check your garmin is actually charging the night before a race. Then check it right when you wake up to make sure it charged.

6. In the winter, put your clothes in the dryer before heading outside for the run.

7. Whenever you tell anyone you need to do a “quick” run.. you’re a liar.

8. If you run “rim to rim” have gators and extra socksx2 and moleskin..

9. Chew gum always.

10. Don’t stress if you have to miss a training run.. or don’t reach your goal for that day. EVERYONE has bad running days. In fact 89% of my long training runs SUCK. Just saying.

11. I don’t care how much I train for a marathon.. I always feel exactly the same at mile 21 either way.

12. You CAN finish a marathon.

13. Fueling every 4-5 miles of a marathon is actually a smart thing to do.

14. I like new running shoes. LIKE A LOT. Mizuno waveriders are my marathon shoe and wave sayonaras for halves.

15. ALWAYS wear a thong during a long run/race and use glide. Butt chafe is real.

16. Running socks are actually life changers. I don’t know how I ran in “normal” socks for so long. Smartwool socks are top on my list.

17. You always sweat more after a run.Like a MAN… At least I do.. I think it is weird..

18. Your thought during your first run after having a baby will be “ I will never run again.” But you can and you will.

19. Fiber before a race is BAAAAAD.

20. You actually get used to the smell of porta pottys

21. You never regret a run..

22. Train slow to run fast.

23. Do YOU. You don’t have to do what your friends are doing. Everyone trains different.

24. If I feel a little off, or pain. SKIP the run & rest!

25. Cross training is super important!

26. If running is feeling like a chore. Take a break.

27. Diet Coke after a long sweaty trail run/marathon/long run/ 10 am?… is  always a good idea.

28. Running makes me happy.

29. Heart rate training gets an A+. Start slow, and don’t expect to get faster and faster every day. But over time you will naturally get faster!