Monday, June 15, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Oh hey! I hope you guys are having a great summer so far! With school out it has been busy around here! Ash and I have been busy and we want to share our experience with Little Red!

This past weekend Ashley and I did the little red riding hood bike ride. Ashley has done this ride multiple times and it was my first time.

Little Red is put on by Bonneville Cycling Club. It is more of a ride than a race.

I have to admit that before the race I was really nervous about it! I have done plenty of triathlons but never a bike ride. I get anxious around a lot of bikes, I think it is just the idea of nicking tires and seeing myself crash to the asphalt clipped in to my bike.  The fear is real.

Anyway, everyone kept telling me it was just a FUN race

. IMG_3735[1]

I have to tell you that I had a great time. It was very laid back and the ride has the best support, volunteers and participants of any race I have EVER done.

There are 5 different distances you can choose from.

The longer the distance you are planning on doing the earlier you start. So 7:30 am for the century and they actually let you go in waves. Every group is given a safety spill before you are sent off.

There are several rest stops along the course. Every stop is stocked with first aid needs, sunscreen and porta potties. They really have anything that you may need. There is also snacks, fruit, granola bars, popsicles, PB&J sandwiches, and a favorite..oreos with PB. The volunteers at each station are absolutely AMAZING!

Along the course you will see support vans, volunteers on motorcycles and they are at your beck and call and of course to remind you to stay safe by riding in single file line (the roads are not closed for the race.) They are supplied with tires, and tools to help if you happen to have any issues with your bike.

Every participant was encouraging, motivating and just happy to be riding!

I started at 7:30 with my friend Ashley (a different AshleyWinking smile)


And Ash started about two hours after.

It was a bit chilly at the start but after about 15 miles we were warmed up.

6 inch Subway sandwiches were served for lunch along with all toppings you could ever want! Tomatoes, hummus, pickles, olives, cheese, etc. there were also, creamies, oreos, grapes, oranges, bananas, cookies and chips! Seriously, you will be well fed.


I took a salted carmel gu at mile 25. We ate our lunch at mile 50.

I had a neck issue that continued to bother me and got worse towards the end with plenty of deep blue on it,and IBU.

Initially, we wanted to do the century (100 miles) but at the 70 storm clouds were rolling in and my neck was killing me. (I had previously been fitted on my bike, it just a knot that has been hurting me for the last 5 years.)

That was my longest ride ever! So to finish the 70 I felt pretty fantastic.

Ashley started later in the morning and did 50 miles…30 weeks pregnant. YES, She is amazing!


It is a great race and we will be back year after year. The support is amazing and the ride is incredible. Well, minus a few farms that had 100 to many cows.

Registration is the hardest part of this race! It is a super popular event so if you are planning on doing it next year, plan to stay up late and register right when it opens because it sells out within minutes. Yes, MINUTES!


Shorts: Soas Racing Top: Fabletics

We loved it and had a great time at Little Red.