Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Death By Boot Camp

K, so I totally realize this summer the blog has taken a total back seat and it just is what it is, I guess... I have totally enjoyed a little extra time with my family plus work and marathon training and all that jazz sooo, Lets just say I am going to try a bit harder now that school is starting back up and I will be minus 2 kids in the afternoons! I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have 2 kindergartners! Like, aren’t they two?

Anyway, I love writing and sharing my life with you all and hope that you can find some inspiration and helpful tips to guide you through your journey!

It was brought to my attention that workouts are a fave around here and it is actually one thing I do on the daily. I teach 2 boot camp classes a week and it is one of my favorite classes to teach because it is just 60 minutes of sweat! I do however, try to stick to some programming with my classes to balance out the body within the 2 hours I teach at that gym. I try and stick with variety and bring something new to the table to each class. This week I taught this fun little number.


It went by super quick! You have to stay on the clock, be selective about your weights for the Chest press, Thrusters and Deadlifts. You do have a little recovery time between the run and the beginning of the next couplet so adjust accordingly. This workout is as hard as you make it. Remember, if you are new to working out then PLEASE don’t do all of this. Cut it in half- half the rounds & reps!

Oh, side note: the Burpee Box hops are done as follows: Do a burpee parallel to a box than jump OVER the top of the box and do a burpee on the other side. Each burpee counts as 1 rep. – That is a quick turnover to get to those V-up so push yourself.

Have fun and work hard!

YOU can do it!

~ Cand