Friday, August 28, 2015

Firsts + A workout

Happy Friyay!

I hope you guys have all had a fabulous week! School is officially IN!!

Tanner and Baylee had their first FULL official day yesterday!

It pulled on my momma heartstrings a little bit to put them on the bus and send them off on their own!

I am so happy they have each other.


And I’m happy I still have this little guy to hang out with during the day!


This week has been a crazy one! Work, School, training the whole mom thing! I have some exciting news though!

I certified to teach HIGH Fitness! Check it out and get excited because I am!! This is a new adventure for me, it mixes my love for dance and fitness and can’t wait to start teaching classes at GPP!


Here is a workout for you this week too!!


Workout Demos:

Inverted Pushups

High Sumos

Press Jacks

Give it a try!!

I am heading down to St. George this weekend with a few of my girlfriends. We are planning on doing our 20 miler on the course. I have never ran the St. George marathon and excited to experience the majority of it this weekend!

Marathon training is kicking my butt! But PEAK week is here so its time to FOCUS!

Have a great weekend y’all!

P.S Ashley is currently 5 days overdue with her baby boy.. so I hope he makes his debut soon!!