Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Handcart Days Half


Hey guys! Hope everything is going well, I (Candice) just got home for Mexico! But before I recap my trip I have to tell you about the half marathon I did the day before I left!

My Rec Center that is close to my house (seriously 7 minutes) host some great races! I have done a few sprint tris through them and have loved them! When I found out they had a half marathon I checked it out and a friend and I signed up two days before the race!

The course is fairly flat with a few uphills. Not the easiest race but a great course. I will definitely do it every year, here on out. It is affordable, close to home, FUN, holiday run!

The race started at 6am. I didn’t take this race as serious as I normally would, because I was running it with a friend, packing for a trip, and I think too many races at race pace start to wear on my body a bit. So a race at 65% max heart rate was welcomed.

I set my alarm for 5:30am *Bonus of “close to home” races! Got dressed, ate a piece of toast with almond butter and lots of honey! Drank some spark, and headed to the race. I turned around half way there because I forgot my headphones.. then when I was half way there again I forgot my GARMIN! WHAT!! Yea.. so dumb. I had my heart rate monitor and no garmin. Oh well, I didn’t have time to turn around so I just went with it.


I met a few of my GPP peeps and my friend Jamie had my number ready for me. I pinned it on, ate a stinger waffle and took another swig of my spark!

The first few miles we averaged about 7:50 miles, I was feeling great as I was sipping on my EFS vanilla shot starting at mile 3.

A few aid stations did not have volunteers to hand you your water/gatorade, so we had to help ourselves at a few.

By the time we got to mile 8 we had quite the hill that stretched for about a half a mile. My friend didn’t eat much before hand so starting to feel it, slowed down a bit. We both took a gu and pushed to the finish. 2:09 Which is a PR for my slowest half ever. Ha! BUT my friend killed it considering the circumstances. I LOVE running with these girls! We had so much fun and pranked called the police and a friend along the way… our phones had minds of their own apparently!


Kneaders was at the finish line with some oatmeal and vegggie salad, I grabbed two to go and snapped a few finish pics and peaced out. I ran one more mile to wrap up 14 for the day and headed home to finish packing and cleaning because handcart days in Utah is a big deal and I knew we had a fair, parade and fireworks later that night!

Overall, it was great race and I had a great time with my girls. We will be back for sure!