Wednesday, September 2, 2015

20 Miles in Sunny St. George

Hey guys!

I hope your week is flying by as fast as mine is!

This whole school thing is going great and I am having fun playing with my little guy one on one while the twins are gone.

P.S.. It is SO weird to just have ONE kid..

This last weekend I headed to St. George with 4 of my friends for a little R,R&R. (Run, Rest, Relax) Winking smile

We headed out of town late Friday night. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep about half way there. I really don’t know how.. Does car sleep even count?

We arrived at the house we were staying at around 12:30 AM. My friend Lindsey and I set out all of our gear, nutrition, and our alarm clocks for 4:15 AM. Yea.. epic amount of sleep I know!

I actually couldn’t fall asleep for awhile.. my mind wouldn’t turn off and I just tossed and turned. But when the alarm went off I only pushed snooze once.. Ha!

We got dressed and I ate some bread with almond butter and honey and we headed to meet a group of girls.

Our plan was to run 18 miles of the St. George Marathon course. We met with the other girls and one guy. I didn’t know anyone really, it was lindseys friend and her friends. The cool thing about runners is you just kind of click instantly. We all had a great ride up the course dropping water/gatorade every 3-5 miles. Everyone was planning doing different distances and starting at different points.


Linds and I got dropped off on the veyo hill. We got our music ready, I ate a honey stinger and then we both decided we needed to go to the bathroom and their was a gas station down the road so we ran to the gas station which was .67 from where we were dropped off. So we had a new starting point… The bottom of the veyo hill! Which is the steepest section of the course. I completley underestimated that hill!


The course isn’t as downhill as I thought. There are more gradual climbs than I expected there to be. You have veyo than it flattened out a bit and then climbed a little more before a good downhill around 15-17


but than you climb again for about a mile and then we ran into town and to the finish. We actually missed the turn to the finish and went an extra block ending with 20.2 miles for the day.

I felt great at the end! We finished strong and I have a little more confidence come race day.



My goal for the marathon is 3:45. Here is hopin..

The rest of the weekend was filled with food, time at the pool and more food!

We went straight to breakfast at tiffanys for breakfast


and right to the pool.

I had a great time with these girls and can’t wait to go back and RACE!