Friday, September 25, 2015

Baby & Booster

Hey guys! Candice here! I have a quick update for you today! I hope you are keeping up with us on insta @hungrymotherrunners

Ashley had her baby boy about 3 weeks ago! She went overdue by a week! We are all smitten by him! His name is Finnick and is a dream baby!


My marathon training is coming to an end! I am excited to tackle the St. George Marathon and feeling ready. (As ready as I’m ever going to be.) More on my “taper tantrum” later.Smile

I completed my last long run today! 10.5 and done!


Yes, my hair is out.of.control. I realize the madness. Ha!


I have a workout for you today!

This would be perfect for all my weekend warriors out there!

You will need a Bar, a pair of Dumb bells, mat and a Box! (maybe a treadmill. There is a run.)



This workout will get you super sweaty! Make sure you have a towel and of course WATER!

Have a great weekend!