Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 Tips To Keep Your Kids Active and Have FUN Doing It!



Roen was a little past nap time here.. obviously. I promise he loved playing in the leaves!

Keeping my kids active is very important to me. I have discovered, if I give them time to move and play and discover different activities, my kids are happier and more cooperative with me through the day!

Here are some tips to keep those busy little bees active and happy!!

1. Get them OUTSIDE!!


My kids THRIVE outdoors. As a matter of fact we are probably outside more then we are inside these days! Whether we are at a park, taking Bridger for a walk around the block or searching for adventure in the mountains!

I know it is easier to maybe just stay home and watch a show but it almost always will equal onrey kids by the end of the night! I’m guilty of just staying home sometimes and relaxing but it almost always came down to when when I would ask them to get up and do something for me, all they do is whine and cry about it. Pick something up, coming to eat dinner, getting ready for bed etc.



So, get them out! Too a park, play in the snow, go to the beach, just play in the backyard.. anything outside the walls of your home. 

I also recommend playing with your kids, you can take them to the park and just sit and watch them on a bench or you can get up and PLAY with them! Tanner especially loves when I chase him around the playground and Bee loves when I swing with her. Bonus, you get a workout too!

2. JUST DANCE- Turn on some music and just DANCE! If the weather isn’t cooperating (I usually care more then the kids..haha!) I will turn on the music and just start shaking it! Even Roen is starting to dance with us and it’s the absolute cutest thing!

3. Extracurricular activities-


My kids are busy and I know it isn’t always in everyone’s price range because some activities are a little pricey. There are so many options out there, rec center, clubs, even free events. You just have to keep your eye open. Most High Schools have a basketball camp or dance performance fundraiser so you could call your local schools and get the skinny on all that. Tanner is in baseball in the spring and fall and also does gymnastics year around and Bee is in gymnastics and dance. It does cost us quite a bit, but it is important to us that our kids expand on the talents they are passionate about, so I really try to make our budget work for it.


Bee recently danced at half time of a high school foot ball team with her cousin!

With winter coming it will be a little more limited with time outside but try to get out on the days that are at least a little tolerable! I can’t wait to take my kids sledding!

Question of the Day!

How do you keep your kids active?