Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fitness Questions


Happy Tuesday!

This morning I am going to answer a few fitness questions that I have received lately.

  • What is your fitness routine like?


My fitness routine being pregnant is pretty much the same just minus a lot of running. I am a coach at GPP fitness and I do that workout Monday-Friday with only having to make a few modifications for the bump. I also am a Body Pump and Body Attack Instructor. Depending on the week, I will teach Body Attack on Mondays, and Body Pump Tuesday and Saturday. I did a post on modifying Body Pump while pregnant not to long ago. I also teach Boot camp 2-3 times a week. Monday, Tuesday and every other Thursday, but usually do not do the workout with the class. More of a show and tell then do kind of class.

My fitness routine changes and isn’t really a set day to day kind of thing. I train multiple muscle groups focusing on more circuit/cardio style workouts depending on the day.  At GPP we mix in a lot of strength training and I enjoy that as well. I love certain olympic  lifts and can’t wait to focus on them a little more after baby. I love the variety of what I do because it is always changing and it me active throughout the week.

  • How many days a week and for how long do you workout?

I workout 6 days a week and the time depend son the day. Most GPP workouts last about 30 minutes, and if I teach body pump/attack those are 60 minute classes. If I am training for a race I will run/bike/swim depending on what I am training for. Typically it is about an hour and half a day, but lately its been a lot less.

  • Do you always feel like working out? How do you find the motivation to workout everyday?


Of course I have days that I would rather just skip my workout because I’m either not feeling up to it or  I want to sleep an extra hour in the morning because my kids are sleeping in too. Especially, while pregnant, but because I work in the gym, once I get there and see everyone else sweating it out. It kicks me into gear and I know I will feel better after I do it too. No matter how  long it takes me, I tell myself I can go as slow as I want but make a promise to myself that I will finish the whole thing. Half way through I get a surge of energy that drives me through it. 

  • Have you ever been injured from your workouts and how did you deal with it?

Yes! I love to run, but my body always tends to fall into an injury once I hit a certain mileage. I have had a quad injury but the most recent was plantar fascitis. I had to take time off of running, jumping etc. I would keep my cardio up by swimming or cycling. I ran a marathon with plantar fascitits which probably wasn’t the smartest thing but after that I took a good 3 months off of running. I would keep doing any exercise that didn’t hurt. I missed running a lot during that time but I think you become a stronger runner mentally through recovery.


  • I really want to run a marathon one day, but have never run a race and don’t know where to start. Do you have any tips?

Get out and run! You become a better runner by running. It doesn’t matter how slow you are in the beginning, as long as you keep it up you will get better and start to enjoy it more and more.  Having a friend to go with helps too! Sign up for a race, that way you have something to prepare for.

I am not a naturally fast runner and to be honest I hated running up until I graduated from high school and actually turned to running to cope with the death of my mom. After awhile, I signed up for my first half marathon with a friend. We trained and ran side by side for months before the race. It was finishing that first race that gave me that fire to sign up for another. 

  • It is hard for me to find time to workout with my kids. How do you do it?

I totally get that! Especially when they are young. I usually coach early in the morning so my goal is to get my workout done before I go home. Many gyms have a daycare you can pay for or it may be included in your pass. If you can’t make it to the gym and prefer to workout at home, still strive to get it done early in the morning or after the kids go to bed so you won’t have many distractions. I have a few home workouts posted in the “work it out” tab.

Your turn!

Pick one of the questions above and answer it!