Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Dog that Died & Came Back to life.

This morning I woke up pretty early, thanks to my little inner alarm clock! I laid in bed for a little while enjoying every little kick. When I finally made my way downstairs a made a quick breakfast while planning my boot camp class.


I will share the workout with you guys tomorrow. After boot camp I headed to GPP to teach my kids class. I only have one more week of kids class. I am going to miss those kids, they have been so fun to coach this summer!

Following kids class I stayed and did part of the GPP workout and spent some time on the spin bike. I had a lunch date with some friends afterwards to celebrate one of their birthdays. We went to our go to lunch spot!

Plates and Palates!


I got my normal shrimp and spinach salad but subbed chicken instead of the shrimp.

Okay, are you all ready for a crazy story!!?



Aspen was a Christmas gift when I was a Junior in High School (11 years ago), My sisters and I were so excited to have a dog. She lived at my dads house until my youngest sister got married then she took her with her. My sister ended up having to give her away when she moved into her apartments. She gave her to a nice family who were really good about letting her come visit and take her on trips etc.

One day they texted my sister and told her that Aspen had been hit by a car and suffered and had passed away. We were all really sad to hear the news.

Then yesterday, my dad received a phone call from a girl yesterday saying she had his dog. (We had a chip put in Aspen during the time we had her.) My dad replied by asking if it was their current dog “Bella.” She said “No, Aspen” and he told her that she had died two years ago. She said “ No, She is very much alive!”

My dad called my sister and told her what had happened and she went straight out to pick her up.

Sure enough, it was Aspen!


The girl that had her was having to give away Aspen and just took her to the shelter, the shelter scanned her and told her that dog had a different owner and that is when she had contacted my dad.

My sister Jessica asked her where she had gotten Aspen from and she said that she adopted her from a man who rehabilitated dogs a year ago.

We have no idea how or why Aspen got there or why the family had lied to us, Jessica had tried to contact them but the number had been changed so we may not ever know the whole story, but my sister and the rest of us are so happy she is back. Jessica now is keeping her at her home.


I think my nephew is pretty happy about it too!

Do you have a dog/family pet?

What was your workout today?

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Muffin That Dreams Are Made Of.

Our weekend went by to quickly, but luckily we have a short week and a vacation at the end of the week to look forward too!

I had another baby shower for my sister with her work. I actually worked in the same dental office she does now before I had tanner and baylee. It was fun celebrating her little babe and seeing and catching up with some familiar faces.


The shower was at Mimi’s CafĂ©. It is one of my favorite restaurants. Mainly because of this warm bran muffin that is drizzeled with honey..


It is seriously the muffin of my dreams.

I ordered a mandrin chicken salad to go along with the muffin Winking smile


I had a doctor appointment right before the shower and my Baby #3 is looking healthy and strong still. Hearing that heart beat each month is something I am so grateful for. Today as I was sitting in church, my babe was kicking and punching like crazy. It was fun just to watch my belly bounce and jump. I looked down and just smiled because just a few months ago I was sitting in the same seat, thinking I would never get the oppurtunity to have another baby.  I went through months of medication, fertility treatments, and prayers. I actually started to doubt that this would ever happen. I knew deep down that my family wasn’t quite complete yet and couldn’t give up. Infertility is a hard and emotional roller coaster that I wish nobody would have to go through. Each and every baby is a miracle.

Saturday after Body Pump we spent some time running errands trying to find a back splash for our kitchen.. with no luck we decided to break for lunch at Market Street Grill. Brent and I haven’t ever been there and have heard rave reviews. I love seafood so it was an easy decision for lunch.


It was a great lunch date with this guy.

IMG_4483[1]Oh and of course these two boogers.


It was fun to go to lunch all together. I usually stress out taking my kids to a restaurant but they proved to be very well behaved and the waitress made the whole meal fun by coming by every now and then to entertain T & B.

We hit up a home depot on the way home and their back splash selection was just as weak as everywhere else.. Maybe I’m being to picky?

The twins had a birthday party to get to for one of their friends who live right down the street. It was such a fun party at the park and all the kids had a blast.


They had a fun talent show for the girls and each of them pretty much took turns singing “LET IT GO”. Don’t be to surprised.. these 4-6 year olds knew every. single. word.


Today was a busy day for me  at work. The 21 day challenge is off to a great start. I didn’t get a chance to get my workout in until after the last class of the day. I got it done though!




I subbed a 500 m row for the 300 jump ropes. This babe isn’t up to much jumping these days.

It is time for a little R&R Smile

Tell me your highlight of the weekend?