Friday, December 19, 2014

A Winter Summer Salad

I guess by the title that you could be a little confused. Allow me to elaborate.

I love salads! I try to eat one at least once a day. Either for lunch or for dinner. I love how versatile and easy they are to put together on a busy day.

Todays salad reminded me of summer. Hence the title, I guess I could call it a summer salad in the winter? Oh well.

I only put 4 ingredients in it and called it a meal.


Driscoll raspberries are probably my all time favorite fruit. I buy them at costco when they are cheap.. and sometimes when they are $3.50 more.. like in the winter.. like now… But I love how plump and juicy they are to eat by the handful or toss on top of my salad.


I was also introduced to this sliced chicken breast you can also snag at costco. My friend Ashley introduced me to it and I have already bought it twice! It makes it just a little too easy to add a quick protein to any meal. Preferably salads because cold chicken on salad is pretty much a guarantee addition to it.

It is Friday night and we have just hung out at home together which is just perfect in my book after a long week with Brent gone. He is home now and we are just enjoying the night because the rest of the weekend is pretty hectic.

Gotta love the holidays!